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thx for that words - I\'ve put the file online again - but its not quite finish yet. But u can have a look on it - just click the download-link above.

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the theme isn't available at the moment. It needs further improvments and some changes - at the moment I dont really know if I rework this tumblicity or create a new one. But as soon as I know - I let you know

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danke :-)

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Just a Test Comment to see if IntenseDebate works with the Fluid Theme on tumblr...

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Wow - really hard to come back after 5 month - and STILL read the same blog post as the 'latest news'. Nothing...really NOTHING has changed.

I think the biggest mistake you´ve done is that you misunderstood the internet. Thats not a place where only a few people can build websites and communities - while you sleep, others can stomp you in the ground - and thats what happend in the meantime. I see many other services for the web, and as well for mobiles (like iPhone Apps) which already can connect to facebook and twitter and many other services. So whats the difference now? They are already online - and you´re still in a kind of "private alpha". Does that make sense to you?

Good luck for your future - but I don´t give a pence on it...

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Also ich bin dabei=)

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I really can´t believe that... Its almost 3 months ago and now you came up with a blog which covers all the same points as the whole last year. If you got aquired by AOL, so why they don´t empower this project? Why don´t they help you with staff or even with money to build up a bigger team?

Wish you all the best with your Project, even I not believe anymore in socialthing...

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doesn´t looks good - no Blog, no News just nothing...really bad - and I were so exited to try out socialthing...