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You've never gone camping when it wasn't a tropical day out? Or used a liquid fuel lamp in your home? Or had a backed up drain? Your comments are akin to asking for the ban of simple ingredients which COULD be used for illegal purposes, much like many, many things in any Wal*Mart. Profiling and banning things dope cooks use is pointless. Prohibition has never worked, and tweakers will find a route around in 2 days later.

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How about you people whining about these cameras so heavily, man up, take the charge, and go start destroying them?

They're certainly not armored in any significant way, and you'd be an idiot if you actually got caught based on this.

Back in the day we used to take action, not whine about reaction.

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I HAD posted a comment about how CRPD ordered 6 repeating grenade launchers this year, and how would they pay for them now if they lost so much money in a slush fund. And then it mysteriously disappeared. Big surprise from "in bed with CR" KCRG.

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Yeah, criminals certainly never go to the ER. Rest easy sheep, rest easy.

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I've openly carried a Kabar combat knife in the birth center of all places recently multiple times, and no one gave me a second look. But I suppose that's because I didn't get squirrely and remove it from the holster, like any law abiding citizen.

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Thoughts and prayers for the rampant un-original use of thoughts and prayers.

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"Liberals, liberals, liberals" You know, you people just look like a bunch of whiney conservatives, when instead of blaming individuals, you blame these apparently demonic liberals over and over again.

- An independant.

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She could be 17 for all this story says, and we've already got the obligatory "life sentence" and "hang him" crowd.

How about instead of giving him unconstitutional punishments, you leave the pervert alone to jerk off to whatever he wants to, as long as he isn't harming anyone or they don't consent?

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Why 400? That's a pretty odd number for a poll. Was it 1,000, and only 400 agreed? Why is Corbett giving the results, instead of the firm? Maybe because he personally paid for it, and they skewed the results? Why is the company name not provided?

Come on KCRG, do some investigative journalism, instead of getting in bed with the city. This is why KGAN is where to go for any real stories, instead of propaganda.

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How is it, that after 2 years, there is a "curfew" for citizens to be in or on public right of ways? This is a Constitutional violation of the right to free travel. You need NO reason to be on these sidewalks or streets, and this law should be challenged in the supreme court.