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Pffft...if I had given up mastrubating or having sex during my period, I'd have never had anything for a 2 year period before my hysterectomy.

Hey, orgasm is a great treatment for cramps!

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Is your hat a religious expression? If it is, then you could politely refuse to remove it. Many hasidic jews were their hats and aren't asked to remove them. Orthodox jews are not asked to remove their yarmulkes.

Would they as a head-covering christian to remove her cap or scarf? There's is a growing movement in conservative christian churches on the matter of head covering. Would he ask these women to remove their scarves.

Would they ask a nun to remove her veil? I'm willing to bet net.

It doesn't matter if the hijab and/or burka are used as a repressive object for women in some religions. In this country, the woman has a choice in what she chooses to wear. If she chooses to remain in that religion and wear the garb of that religion, then her choice should be respected. To require her to not wear it is a violation of her religious freedoms.

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The last two years before my hysterectomy I had endometrial hyperplasia (an overthickening of the endometrial lining), so I essentially bled constantly. My hysterectomy was the happiest day of my life.

And, wow...this was really too long. The point was, I never felt like my period was dirty or anything like that. My family was always very forthright about such things (sex, now, was a completely different story). I just hated my periods because they were so....bloody *shudders*.

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I had a hysterectomy almost 3 years ago, and it was the most wonderful day of my life. I'm so happy not to menstruate anymore. I wish I could have had one at 15....seriously. I never wanted kids, and it seemed so unfair that I had to go through such hell every month when I didn't even want to be fertile.

Of course, these days, with the different kinds of BC pills on the market and the better menstruation products, my period wasn't nearly so bad. It was more in line with what most women considered a really heavy period, meaning that I could go a whole 2 hours without changing my pads. By then, I couldn't wear tampons because of a vaginal cyst, and I couldn't wear the menstrual cup because I had a tipped uterus (trust me, I tried).

(this should be the last continue - I *expletive deleted* hate intensedebate)

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I always hated my period. Hated it, hated it, hated it. Not because it was dirty or unmentionable, but because it was horrible. I was doubled up with cramps most of the time, and my flow was so heavy, I couldn't make it through one class at school without overflowing (and that's wearing a tampon and two pads). Of course, those were the days before super absorbants. To this day, I'm still pissed that they too Rely tampons off the market because some women were stupid enough to use them when they didn't need them. They were the only tampon ever that I could get through more than half an hour without changing. I could actually go 2-3 hours with those things. But some women thought it was cool that they could wear them for 24 hours and gave themselves toxic shock, so women like me lost the only product ever that worked well for us. Yes...I'm still bitter *laughs*.

(continued again)

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My sister was 2 years older than I, so when she got her first period, my mother sat us both down and explained all about menstruation. Then we got the films in school, so got more detailed information there.

Periods were never really not talked about in our house. Males were regularly sent to the grocery store for menstruation supplies, and since all three of us had horrible cramps and extremely heavy periods, there was no way the other people in the house could avoid knowing we were having our period (when you hear a female in the house make a mad dash for the bathroom first thing in the morning and walk out and find a trail of blood down the hall, you kind of get a clue, you know). - continued next comment

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I had this happen once when I ordered from Amazon. I called the company and they e-mailed a return form to mail it back and credited my account as soon as they received it.

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It's funny, I just had a conversation with someone on twitter on using the term "gang bang". When I was younger, I often let such things go. I'd be completely pissed off but wouldn't actually *say* anything. Then I got to be about 40, and I asked myself why I didn't speak out. If something was bad enough to make me angry, why shouldn't I speak out? And I've been speaking out ever since.

Because I play a lot of on-line games, I'm with a much younger element a good part of my gaming time. I've taken it upon myself to comment on these things in game chat, much to the consternation of the kids I game with. But I just will not allow myself to be silenced any longer. If we believe that words have power, then we should fight back against those words.

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Why do people think shit like this is funny? He's lucky he didn't get himself hurt. It speaks to the restraint of those confronted that he came out of this unscathed.

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Yep, I'm not getting unemployment any longer because I have a job as an independent contractor. But if this job dries up, I'll be unemployed but no eligible for unemployment because I was self-employed. And there are initiatives out there to help unemployed persons to become self-employed. I bet they aren't telling them that if that falls through they won't be eligilbe for unemployment, and their predicament won't be reflected in the growing joblessness stats.