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I thought this is why we have a Car Czar?
To prevent failures like this 5 day old Cash for Clunker Program.
Once again this administration is looking out for the taxpaying American Citizen.

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I wrote letters, called, e-mailed all this week.
Today I will pray that our "politicians" vote NO.

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How can A-Rod stay quiet on this?
He should be outraged at Letterman for this joke.

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ABC = All Barack Channel

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They hid their friendship during the election.
Will keep it quiet for maybe 250 days.
Than he will anounce Wright the Czar of the Churches.

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Read this article from The American Thinker.
It explains why Senator Obama didn't vote for John Roberts.

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It felt good to read your words. Someone has the same feelings as me.

I am so sick of this President treated like a celebrity instead of the President.
I know he is young but damn it act like the President of the Free World. The media coverage, newspaper
articles and magazine covers and tv specials are getting to be a bit much. I agree the election is over. We seen this kind of coverage for over 2 years... I am sick of the constant campaigning. I think he is in the wrong business he should have become an actor.

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Not only that the other rules would be: you can't smoke, can't eat fast food, can't drink soda and must be
a certain weight before you even start to get the free healthcare. Do the American people think it will just be
walk in, treated, walk out, no bill.... there will be rules, and lots and lots of rules. What happens if someone is pregnant and the child would have a handicap.. God forbid the choice won't be the parents it will be the government. Will they start telling us how big of a family we can have because of the healthcare plan. What about the elderly and if they need an operation waiting for a year could be to late.

This administration gets scarey with each passing day. The American people better wake up and do it quickly!

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The President claims we are "Out Of Money'. But instead of fixing our current Healthare plan they will start a new one. How are we going to pay for this? You know they will sign a 1,200 page bill without even reading it in the wee hours of the morning before Congress leaves for summer vacation. Our president will then go on another costly date and sign this bill. But beware 9/12ers on one of the pages of this great bill will be that illegals will become legal due to medical conditions or worse global warming medical conditions caused by the gases from the farm animals that only live in good Ole USA.

This whole thing is a disaster before the drama even begins.

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That is what Acorn is for......