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Are you speaking of ordering from Amazon or shipping personally from your home? I wasn't aware there is an Amazon in China. But regardless, UPS Expedited is a courier option as explained above, as opposed to sending something postal service where the recipient might be charged customs duties at delivery. So you should be ok either way. Yes, for that kind of deliver you need a physical address and as I understand it they will deliver to the door.

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Thank you, Mark. Since this is now the 3rd or 4th warning about Stackry, and since I haven't even been able to have them confirm that they still offer the services described here, I will unpublish this blog post, or rather forward it to a more relevant one.

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Hi Joanne - thank you so much for chiming in, I admit I had totally forgotten about your group! I did go to a lovely presentation back when I lived in Joburg. Thanks for sharing, and I'll post the link and the meeting info on my Facebook Page for Joburg Expat!

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Hi Elaine,

I'm sorry, your comment slipped through the cracks. I don't know the answer to your question. I'll be happy to post it on the Joburg Expat Facebook page even if it might be too late for you. If you have new information in the meantime, I'd be happy to know which way you went? I do think that the fast delivery time was not via USPS. That's the one you want to avoid. It needs to be some kind of courier service that gets the parcel delivered directly to your address in SA, not your PO box through SAPO. that is where things disappear. Anyway, I'll go ahead and post your question...

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Hi Mario - sorry I didn't get to this earlier. I don't know anything about Meadowbrook. Perhaps you can look at Finding a House in Johannesburg Parts 1 and 2 (you'll see links above) and look at the map I have there of all the different suburbs, and then see where Meadowbrook fits in. Finding a School in Johannesburg on my blog also has a map that might be helpful. Good luck!

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Hi Emery - not sure, honestly. I would think that it should be easy since it's the same station, but I haven't done it myself. The writer of the article arrived by cab and not Gautrain. It might be worthwhile to go and check out the station ahead of time to get the lay of the land, or go onto the Gautrain or Premier Classe website to find out more. I'd love to hear how it goes for you if you do take the trip!

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Hi Justin - yes, that is the rule, if it's over a year you can't convert your license but must apply for a new one. If you read through the comments you'll see more details and advice from people who've recently gone through it. But you could always go by the office to ask and make sure.

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Sue, I have the answer! I hope that you logged in so you'll see this reply, this from my Joburg Expat Facebook page where I re-posted your question:

"We had a similar problem. All you need is a letter from home affairs stating that the person from the old ID number and the person from the new ID number is the same person."

Hope that helps!

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Sue - what an interesting question! Let me try to understand: Your drivers license has your old ID number because it was easier to obtain that way, but your new ID book has the correct (new) number in it. Why exactly is this a problem? Do you have to ever show both at the same time? Can you not simply keep your driver's license with the old number, or is this going to be a problem when you renew it?

I don't know the answers. I can post your question on my Facebook page and see if anyone has an answer.

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Hi Sami - I always love seeing your comments! Glad you also found above service and it's nice to have it confirmed as a good option by more than one person, will definitely make sure I inform my readers!