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Truth will trump (sorry for the pun) falsehood anytime!

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Is this something new?

Sh!t no!

The US and their NATO crooks have been stealing oil from all over the world.

What is new here?

Thieves will be thieves.

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And will they go after this? Nah! There’s too much oil to pump for free and lubricate the Corporations’ wheels. USA and the NATO alliance are nothing but Crooks In Suits.

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After 16 years of American FREEDUMB, the Iraqi people are yearning for the comeback of the status quo of the Sadam regime. Now that they have tasted this democracy and realized that they had had it better, they realize that there are more foxes coming to the fore to “lead” them in this DEMOCRAZY. Why cry now? The man had been led to the slaughterhouse with their blessings! And I know that Sadam was no angel, but the only major crime of their erstwhile leader was to cut the Petrol Dollar. And wherever America have intervened the last 18 years, they have left chaos and mayhem. One can easily say capitalism thrives on death and destruction and the dollars roll over and over within this scenario.

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Why is there such a “HooHaa” about this drone attack?

Is it because the Saudis never expected the Yemenis to attack them ever?

And hence the cowardly attack on the Yemenis in the first place?

Or is it that the hegemonies of the Isräelis are being snared on?

Or did the Saudis and the Americans never expected any attack from a defenseless Yemen at all?

Maybe the Americans feel bloody-nosed with all their sophisticated machinery at work that has been rendered inadequate?

To me it looks like a big pot of soup made with all the ingredients above.

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The face of the real warmongers are not really found in the mudstream media.

They so silently provoke and so clandestinely prod until some useful idiot take up their cause and fight the war for them.

Such is the way the Zïonist Occupiers trudge along.

And one such vassal who takes up this “heroic” deed for the Zïonists is America.

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These Congress members, like all their counterparts in the past, have got their positions as a direct INTERVENTION of Zïonist Lobbyists AIPAC! Why wouldn’t they sing from the same hymn sheet and shout loud: “THE RUSSIAN INTERVENTION AND MEDDLING OF OUR ELECTION”

There are more than 50 people in Congress that have dual American/Isräeli citizenships. It seems that in a democracy all politicians are bought because they are patricians (people doing public work for the money). The person who pays the bucks is God!

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So truly said there. The UN only serve the Capitalist West and only Socialist and African leaders are dragged to the ICC in The Hague.

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How can the world look on at this atrocities the US is imposing upon innocent people? All the Venezuelian government done was to trade their oil in any other currency but the petro dollar! And sticking to their guns on it! And oh, shutting the US’s useful idiot, Guaido, up one and for all. The UN knows what sanctions can do to a country and they allow this (man-made) famine by the US to go on unchecked.

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Very truly said participant2943, mental illness has been a great factor and is ruining so many lives. My friend D***** went downtown Los Angeles and spoke to the homeless people there, you’d find that 80% of them are war veterans. Yes! War befuddles the human mind forever. That’s why I say these warmongering politicians and presidents should first send their families to war if they so much want to make war. A law should be passed to do that and all these stupid wars will end.