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Slideshow:Michelle Obama Play Video Video:Michelle Obama on Being a Working Mom ABC News Play Video Presidential Transition Video:Dubai's Kiddie Cabinet Sounds Off ABC News AP – In this image released by ABC, 'Good Morning America,' host Robin Roberts, right, interviews first lady … FORT BRAGG, N.C. – The nation owes not only gratitude but tangible assistance to the nation's military and their families, and she'll make that a focus of her time in the White House, first lady Michelle Obama says.

Underscoring her commitment to the plight of America's military families, Mrs. Obama used a trip to Fort Bragg as a stage for her first television interviews since the inauguration. One, with ABC's "Good Morning America," aired Friday morning.

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I so agree Jillian.....I was surprised to hear that he was not living anymore in the mansion in Bahama's....we have not heard anything about his whereabouts for a long time. I am also surprised that after all this time there were records still remaining in the Dr. offices that have indicted these 3. I would have thought after all this time any records they had would have surely been destroyed by now. Yes, Danilynn is safe with Larry.....

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I love my 2 grown children......however, there are limits to what I would do. I would still keep them in my heart but in no way could I support them in such an awful crime as this has become. Given the facts as we know them......I would be at home, praying for them to come clean with the truth. But to expect me to sit in a courtroom and smile at them would be more than I could handle. My heart would be with Caylee, my grandchild that was murdered by my own child. That is just my feelings......

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I would not go, but my children, if it were a school outing, I would let go.

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when does he see his children these days? Besides, they are approaching child bearing days. How would you feel if they got struck by the "Love Bug"

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What did all of our CPAC speakers have in common?

They all articulated a clear and concise vision that America will succeed only if we stay true to our fundamental beliefs of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

These conservative leaders noted that a government big enough to control us is big enough to destroy us. They warned that America is currently going down the wrong path.

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They have been feeding this misinformation to a hungry news media that has been ready to report it.

The media is in a feeding frenzy attempting to make our conservative cause look disorganized, in disarray and unfocused just after the American Conservative Union Foundation held the largest CPAC gathering in history, with almost 9,000 united attendees. CPAC made us look organized That scared them. They are trying to make it look like we are attacking each other.

These liberals are using the media feeding frenzy to say that our conservative spokespeople want the country to fail, but it is Obama's liberal policies we want to fail ... and they will.

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The Obama administration and the liberals in Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have already mortgaged the future of our children and grandchildren. They passed an almost trillion dollar wasteful spending bill they called "stimulus" that was really a thank you card and gift to liberal activist groups like ACORN that helped them in their elections.

We must fight back.

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Liberals pushed the government to force lenders into giving subprime loans to people who could not afford them ... now they want us to pay more by bailing out these loans.

Liberals say they want to help the average working Joe... but they are pushing legislation to help big labor unions who fill their campaign coffers.

Liberals say they are against government intrusion... but Obama is working overtime to grow the government's influence in our economy and our lives.

From dismantling pro-family policies, to supporting earmarks when they said they were against them, liberals in the Obama administration and Congress are out to change America... for the worse!

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ROCK HILL, S.C. – Police say an 88-year-old client who wanted his down payment back on a deal shot a South Carolina real estate broker.

Rock Hill Police Lt. Michael Belk says Richard Blow burst into a Coldwell Banker office in Rock Hill Wednesday and shot 68-year-old Jerry O'Neil in the abdomen and was taken to a hospital.

Belk says Blow had been charged with assault with intent to kill and could face more charges. Belk says he wanted his money back.

Coldwell corporate spokeswoman Kim Cox told several media outlets O'Neil was the broker in charge, which is the equivalent of a manager.

Belk says about 10 other employees were in the office at the time, but only O'Neil was injured