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Ehhhh...your just jelous that I out this one up before you.

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LOL!!!! Yay, possitive comments for one of my submits! XD

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LOL...what a win, and if you actually take the time to follow it, eventually you just end up losing and noy learning anything...LOL

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Actually, my buddy sent me the vid and i thought it was hilarious. But, I was having fun with the comment i made about this. I am though gonna try to find an "adult situations" pic to submit but only for the humor of it.

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Oh my god that picture is epic! The Wolf pic is new and cool looking, and it blends so well to the background used. this was a great submission. 5/5

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LOL....just having fun about the pokeporn thing man...but i still might try it though

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LMAO...dude, I am temped to do it myself and see if it makes it on here. And, hey...there's nothing wrong with a little pokeporn now and then XD

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Dude....lesbian mudkips...charizard buttseck....and now this?...Sooner or later there's gonna be a pic up here that has pokemons with huge tits or doing something much more "vivid" than this....and there will no one to blame but us for it. Still, im not complaining *drools*

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::Wolf O'Donnell:: Panther, you take out the female fox drving the ghost.
::Panther Caroso:: Gladly..
::Wolf O'Donnell:: Leon, get that annoying little frog with a plama granade.
::Leon Powalski:: Not a problem..
::Wolf O'Donnell:: This time, Starfox is gonna get pwned!

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LOL...i was hoping one of these jokes would be posted soon...I know of a different version of this pic thats why im happy..