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It's called glitch and it has been around along time. If you don't like it that's fine but like with all music it's completely subjective, many people like it and don't.

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About 2 years ago Robert Picardo (the doctor from Star Trek: Voyager) showed interest in doing some voice work for the show and he said he'd really like to voice Star Swirl if the role ever became available.

The interview is on EFN's YouTube channel.

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"Lyra jealous if Bonbon staring at Applejack"


I literally did a Seth Rollins after reading that... http://31.media.tumblr.com/1095aca23a46ffb633fdc4...

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Most of his episodes are about being useful or important and try to say he is an important character but then imidiatly in the next episode he back to being nothing more than a joke making all his episodes pointless.

Also when it's his own episodes he tends to be awfully out of character. He's best in episodes like Lesson Zero where he's the voice of reason not in episodes like Spike at your survise where he suddenly becomes an incompitant idiot for no reason.

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The show is called "My little pony: Friendship is magic" not "My little pony: Adventures of the Mane 6".

Why can't we have an episode that explores the friendships of other characters rather than the same old mane 6 doing the same old friendship stuff?

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0/10 doctor Hooves isn't voiced by David Tennant

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Hasbro legal said they C&D'd Button adventures because they thought it was an official Hasbro product that Jan had been redistributing iligally (which it wasn't) but because of this mistake by Hasbro legal, Jan and Hasbro (Hasbro and Hasbro legal are different companies technically) are trying to come to a compromise.

Hasbro has said they don't C&D fan things and nor do they want to, it's Hasbro legal that does, Hasbro said they had no idea that fan projects were getting C&D'd because Hasbro legal didn't tell them.

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I don't think you know what irony means

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It sounds like a Larson title, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the title because we've had literal titles before, remember "it's about time" was an episode that was literally about time.

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Megan McCarthy specifically said it's not fan service but some characters will be like how the fans imagine them and others will have completely new personalities. The Simpsons did a similar thing where they had an episode dedicated to background characters