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The white house children should be required to listen to Pat Candell's video (another thread on JW today) repeated every day 5 times a day for a month. Then read the declaration of the Muslim Brotherhood about taking over America five times a day for another month. Then we would like to hear what Mr Brennan says.

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This would be a great clip to feed into the educational system in the USA as required viewing for all students. Condell's delivery would challenge Obama's. Now that would be a debate to watch, but how do you use a teleprompter in a debate? Mr "I will stand with the Muslims" Obama would be lost without it.

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Too bad our putative president is setting an example of grovelling for the rest of the still-free world to follow. India, do not go down this road to hell. Read Churchill, not Chamberlain! Patton, not Petain!

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Great idea Homa Arjomand! But beware of Mr. (aka president) Obama, As a foreign affairs looney, he might just open an embassy in Tehran.

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Here is an article - they are doing the same thing in Canada:

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I believe Obama's foreign policy has the twin objective of (1) letting all our enemies know he will not oppose them, in the hope that they will play nice, while he proceeds with (2) leveling America to 3rd world status as an integral part of his drive toward domestic socialism; "leveling the playing field", as he calls it. The first objective is modeled on Lenin's 1917 peace treaty with the Central Powers so that he (Lenin) could concentrated on establishing Soviet communism. The second is seemingly based on a hate-America pathos (or as better described in greater detail by Eladin Atlanta above).

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The Censor struck! nothing there at that site now.

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Unitedagainstnucleariran.com (UANI) is promoting a bill in Congress to deny taxpayer funds to any firm dealing with Iran. This would include Siemens and Nokia, who jointly provided Irantelcom with monitoring equipment they could use to finger out dissidents; Also Barclay's Bank, Deutsche Bank In Iran, and others. Siemens expects to get $8 billion in stim money!

Sounds like a great way to slap down Ahmadinejad. Since Congress lambasted the mullahs with a huge bipartisan majority, it could become law without Obam's signature.

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Caroline Glick had a great article on her website last week advocating Israeli support for the demonstrators with direct verbal attacks on the moulahs by Netanyahu and unleashing Israeli Farsi radio in a support and propaganda role. Israel has nothing to loose and everything to gain; the example might help the White House get some spine.; but probably not.

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The good Cardinal should look at the map of the Christian Mediterranean circa 500-600 AD and compare it to now. There is no problem? He also might look out the window at the super-mosques being built all over Europe including Rome. It is the same problem now as then. The church needs to quit mollycoddling the Muslims and turn its PR on the Europeans to urge them to hold on to their Christian culture, stop Muslim immigration, and have more babies, at least 3-4 per family. The Catholic Church must not go the way of the Anglican church whose leader seems to endorse "some" sharia (is "some" sharia possible?). Only the Church - and including all Christian denominations - can turn Europe back to its roots, and to do that it must become far more aggressive. And lets not forget our origin as a Jewish sect 2000 years ago. They are a most important ally in the battle against the Muslims.