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This is one reason why I think one of the smartest things that the Republicans can do right now to re energize the party is to change their names. Republican has been so smeared over the years that many decent conservatives have a knee jerk reaction to listing themselves as a Republican, they will basically say, "well, I am conservative, but I have libertarian principles, I am an INdependant, and I usually will vote for the Republican" etc. etc.

Think about it, wouldn't that be a great idea in this new "hope and changey era?"

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"I am very tired of being lectured by the left (and fellow denizens of the right) about “manning up” and growing a thick skin and taking it in stride. "

Amen Brother.

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So's all you have to do is just Gin up a few bucks, make a movie and put it in the theater?! Damn, I am quitting my job ASAP to develop a Space Opera called "Cliff Conservator vs. the Obamabots!"

Sorry if that was too snide, but this site should have made it abundandly clear to most people by now that the problem is NOT money. The Path to 9-11 is STILL not on DVD and that wasn't even Conservative, it just was close to the truth which made dems look bad.

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Rammstein RULES. I must say that as an avid metal fan and Conservative, I am thrilled to see this post, and even more thrilled about Daniel Kalder contributing here! I am sure that this post is going to get a billion negative responses from people who have never heard Rammstein and don't like Metal, but I will say this: Metal is one of the most diverse forms of music and some of the most complex and technically proficient artists are purveyors of Metal, not to mention that Heavy Metal fans tend to lean overwhelmingly Conservative. Heavy Metal fans are rigidly individualistic and that is a core tenet of Conservatism. I like Rammstein and love their dry sense of humor, however it is admittedly an aquired taste. I was lucky to see them in concert probably ten years ago on their Sehnsucht tour. They were awesome. But there is a broad spectrum of Metal music and it has something for everyone.
This site just keeps getting better.. :)

PS= Pete I don't think I would put Lamb of God in the same category as Rammstein as LOG is metalcore/thrash and Rammstein is more Industrial Metal. (haven't heard WOT before) It would be like saying that Aerosmith was better than Black Sabbath or vice versa, or , er somthing. . ;)

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The 'Ol Hypocrite card!! Pulled out like a transient with an "I am blind" card.

"Is Willow an innocent in this? Sure. Is Bristol an innocent in this? She is, too, to some degree." To SOME degree? So, if your daughter was savaged by the media every day because they hated YOU, you would be just fine with it right? I am guessing you wouldn't. Doesn't that make YOU a hypocrite? I hope that your answer to the first question would be Yes, because if you wouldn't be horrified by your daughters treatment, you don't deserve a daugher. Also, I am guessing that you believe yourself "tolerant" and "caring" but this is a perfect example of the true lunacy of leftist thought. Totalitarian and as stigmafying and discriminating a movement as there ever was.

" It was a mistake to make a joke about the wrong daughter (though, mind you, this was Letterman's writers' mistake-- Ah, so here you say it was only mistake to make a joke about the "wrong" daughter.. But didn't you just imply that it was wrong to make fun of either? Which is it? Oh, you only SAID that the young daughter was "innocent". I am confused, is "innocent" mean that it IS okay to be smeared or not? So, it is okay to make fun of a daughter based on what criterion? Age? which age is okay? I am guessing however that it isn't age that makes it okay in your mind but actually the fact that she had either sex out of wedlock, or that she had a baby, this directly implies that you find something wrong with that, by virtue of those things making her fair game for late night tv. therefore, you are implying that underage sex is wrong, or having a baby is wrong, since you have established a criteria for WHEN a girl not running for PUBLIC ANYTHING is considered fair game, and NEWSWORTHY. It wouldn't be newsworthy if you didn't consider it salacious, and its not salacious unless it is considered WRONG (or at the very least wouldn't be used as a TOOL to SMEAR someone). So again, are YOU A HYPOCRITE?????

"You're absolutely correct that a sex joke about Malia Obama would be inappropriate--and I really hope I don't have to explain to you the difference." Yes, you do. Because I am still trying to figure out when it is okay to go after a child in the media, and as you have implied "innocence" is no excuse! Is Malia "innocent"? I am guessing that by your criteria, the minute that we hear that Malia Obama has sex out of wedlock or a baby, she should be smeared publicly. Or is it when she turns 17? Or is it when she is caught having a lesbian affair, after all her DAD does not believe in Gay marriage, so that would fit the liberal standard of smear worthy hypocrisy right? I expect that the press should make sure to follow dear little Malia, as they did the Bush daughters and the Palins, and go through her trash and set up shop outside their house(s) to MAKE SURE that she never drinks, has sex, has drugs, has economy lightbulbs in her room, accepts no gifts from anyone but family, goes to church every week, only watches CNN and reads the NY times, only goes to Public school (whoops), watches her carbon footprint, and does not allow guns around her EVER, and then makes SURE that the PUBLIC knows if she ever trespasses!

Has it ever occured to you that you are hopelessly contradictory, that you are a cornfed card carrying member of the DEMOCRATIC SHEEPLE'S COMMONWEALTH ? Brainwashed and managed and Usefully Utilitarian for the Democrat Party of Power?

Nope, didn't think so..

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Love the post, but again I am compelled to point out that the GOP is not anything without the people. I ask you, why should Republican politicians take any chances? Has the party left the people or have the people left the party? Are Conservatives Republicans? Conservatism is a set of ideals it isn't a party, and nobody knows that better than we Conservatives. We spent our time debating ourselves over Libertarianism, paleo and new conservative, social vs fiscal conservativism while the left who is the ULTIMATE factional movement continued to provide Homogenous support for Democrat candidates. Despite the Left's belief in victim status and Identity politics we find ourselves here, with "Liberal" stranglehold on our entire society. What were Conservatives doing? What we do best, complaining about McCain and undercutting his campaign, allowing Palin to be demonized, and making sure our "Tea Party" movement is APOLITICAL!! Republicans get enough marginalizing from the democrats and the leftists, so it sure doesn't help when the ONLY PARTY that could POSSIBLY appeal to a "real" Conservative is cut out of a movement that speaks to the very heart of its Platform!!! Yep, us idealists were busy paying the bills, and we will continue to pay the bills for the entitlement society or as grandly proclaimed by Wired Magazine: "the NEW Economy!" (and its GREEN!)
How are Republican politicians supposed to appeal to the voters with "their own" solutions (as put by many pundits) when the agenda is set by the Dems/leftists? Here's the thing, most Conservatives don't want a priority on " Climate change" when it is an utter crock of crap, yet that is what continues to dominate the headlines and business world, yet we are spending TRILLIONS on it! FLUSH! (sorry Kids!) We don't want to talk about "Universal Healthcare" because we know it is terrible and unnecessary, yet that is tops on the list in the new admin! We don't believe in bowing to terrorists and dictators, yet that is our "new" foreign policy! Somehow, I am pretty sure that Republican politicians don't care about that either, but somehow without our support and without our voices and without our BIGGEST MOVEMENT IN YEARS (tea party) they are supposed to FORCE THAT out there. oh, and WIN! (PS: you can't fight a WAR without TROOPS)
Our country is apparently in the grips of brainwashing provided visa vis' ancient radio technology, thus REGULATING Conservative ideas is manifest in the witch hunt on Rush. Yet, most of us if asked will hem and haw about how we don't really agree with him ALL THE TIME! (PS, when they get Rush we are done, end of story) Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you deserve this or not, because I say that every day to my own reflection. Unlike most, I am NOT a victim.

Mr Breitbart, you aren't a victim either, and I admire you for that. However, our fight is not with Republicans its with EVERYONE ELSE.

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One of the things I like best about this site is that often I can hear a point made for a position I already hold, for which I have never thought of in that way before. This was done here, and with brevity. Wow. Bravo!

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This is why I read a lot of "fantasy/sci fi". There are many "conservative" books and authors which can be found in this genre, and there are some absolutely brilliant literary gems that are not consumed in the "mainstream" because of the Genre label. All Fiction books are "fantasy." But I suppose because of the clear lines of Good vs Evil often found in these Genres it would be hard to be a liberal author. In fact, I can always tell when the author is very liberal because the story ends up being cynical and unfulfilling, even if it is inventive and imaginative.

The other thing is that often in many novels, the author can end up making points for conservative ideals, even if they are not aware of it. But I often find myself reading the novel and seeing how a liberal could take away the same thing, although in their mind, reinforce their own liberalism. At the end of the day, it is the Reader's perception that ultimately matters, and this is why a good story is Universal.

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wow, sounds like if YOU had written the books they would have been pretty damn boring! This is an example of the "all or nothing" idealism that many conservatives suffer from. This malady is what keeps us losing elections and staying silent while our country is taken away from us. This Leftist Revolution did not happen overnight, it happened in degrees over YEARS. Public education and media indoctrinated our youth for 30 years and here we are. Compare the Twilight series, which I did not read, but my wife did (I like the Anne Rice Vampire novels), with ANYTHING else out there consumed by teens today and it is seriously Nancy Drew. I thought that the messaging is most important and those items you mentioned are trivial to an overpowering message that does much more GOOD than it does HARM.

How you can begrudge that, I just don't know. But keep on not compromising and you will be left out of the debate altogether. Hell, that has already happened to us.

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You had me there except for the part about Law and Order. Syvyn11, you ruined my day telling me about Life! I had not read that, I thought they decided to renew in the end! That is a GOOD show. But Law and Order? Surely you have not noticed how deeply and transparently leftward they started moving about five years ago? Surely you noticed the unneccessary and unneeded rants against everything conservative getting bolder and more blatant with every episode? I could not take it anymore, also, talk about stereotypes, that show features more PC stereotypes than any other, in fact it practically CREATED them!
at any rate, do people notice that making your voice's louder than the lefts actually works sometimes? Maybe we should think about that. We may not be able to be LOUDER than the left, but throw our money in the mix by only ardently supporting companies and media that supports or at the least does not mock our values and we are not just louder, but we have the power of money (at least until it is worthless).