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"while picking up his Best Documentary Film Oscar for “Fahrenheit 9/11.” -Christian Toto

I gotta correct you there, my good man. Moore won the Oscar for "Bowling for Columbine", not "Fahrenheit 9/11". His rant was delivered in 2003 as he won for a 2002 film shortly after the beginning of the Iraq war. "Fahrenheit 9/11" wasn't released --or did it escape?-- until the summer of 2004. (It was his attempt to make himself relevant in an election year).

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But what ST:TMP did better, I think, than any of the other films, was to convey a sense of wonder about the unknown depths of space. The musical score goes a long way toward setting the mood of space as infinitely large, mysterious, beautiful, and dangerous.

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Sadly I think the 54-year-old Blago is 44 years too old for Ol' Sandusky.

BTW, Blago's birthday is on Saturday.

"What did you get for your birthday, Rod?"
"14 years"


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"Next up: Jesse Jackson Jr."

^-- This.

If attempting to sell a Senate seat for $1.5 million gets you 14 years in prison even if you don't actually complete the transaction, then certainly trying to raise the $1.5 million to buy said Senate seat should be worth something.

Real question: What did Jesse Jackson, Sr. know about this and when did he know it? He'd be an obvious choice to launder the money for his son.

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"Just shows you what happens when you speak out against Bush's International Banking Mafia"
-actual quote from HuffPo on the day Blago was first arrested in December 2008

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Truthfully, I'd be surprised. For being an unabashed liberal, Quinnochio seems to be a surprisingly not-excessively-corrupt officeholder by Illinois standards. I would think he's smarter than to try and pull something like what Blago pulled.

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Theoretically, since this is a federal conviction, he should have to serve at least 85% of it, or about 12 years.

I guess, though, Obama probably could commute it when he leaves office in (knock on wood) 13-1/2 months.

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The OWSers continue to win friends and influence people, I see. I don't know what kind of job these people could get, but I highly doubt it would be in public relations.

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" [Frank Oz] talked about how the past Muppeteers weren't even involved in this one."

Curious, because the guy who voices Kermit now (Steve Whitmire) actually did do voices for the original Muppet Show back in the '70s: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0926209/

And Dave Goelz is still voicing Gonzo, etc. : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0324397/

Go see it. It's great.

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Go see the movie. I just saw it today. The concerns I've seen on this site about the "greedy oil baron" angle are overblown. The more sinister angle, I think, comes with the plan to replace the Muppets with the "Moopets", who are basically a cynical, street-thuggish, more "hip" copy of the Muppets.