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So no FIM Hideaway Pets or Zippy Sacks?

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G3 Spike is going to be soooo jealous of G4 Spike.

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Personally I would have preferred him to do the over 9000 in the voice of G3 Spike. Yeah he did G3 Spike. The Princess Promenade credits were borked.

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Calling it now: Gilda, along with Starlight Glimmer and 4 others will make up the anti-mane 6. Perhaps one for each race. Or I could be totally mistaken like I usually am.

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That same "wizard" could easily cast a spell to make the castle look like the Golden Oak Library. At least this episode is about moving on, and not stopping to dwell in the past. I will admit I felt they didn't quite handle the tree scene the way I thought they would. Even so, the song was great and while it seems that 5 of the mane 6 were kind of acting silly, I do realize it's a children's show, and that the gang kind of regress from time to time. After all, if they were perfect friends, there would be no show. At least the show has done this on more than several occasions so we know it's part of the FIM formula rather than just bad writing.

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Or Equestria Girls questions. Or clopping, or anything that makes us look dumb. Actually if I were her, I'd be the one asking questions about Equestria Girls.

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Lauren Faust is the creator of Friendship Is Magic as well as re-defining the brand. As I see it, both are just as important and equally to blame for the reason I am posting on a MLP fansite. I also laughed when I realized that an OC has already been drawn for Zacherle, but I kind of wonder if it shouldn't be done in an older style instead.

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Last month a friend of mine got hit by a car and was in a coma for two weeks before finally dying.

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Actually I think they may be going for that. Sort of an anti-mane 6. Starlight is obviously the Twilight clone, and I bet there will be others. Starlight tried to force friendships using magic. I imagine that there will be a Fluttershy clone attempting to force kindness, a Pinkie Pie clone attempting to force fun, Rarity with beauty or Applejack with honesty. You merely cannot force friendship using the elements of Harmony. True friendship, and it's magic, is something that one gives, or learns to give to others, not something to be stolen or forced upon others.

Only time will tell if I am right or wrong, but I do think this season will have the same type of hook that Season 4 did with the keys.

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What, nobody is streaming the G1 movie afterwards? But I want Smooze!