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This is true, I would purchase horse sweat cologne.

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"Whitlock thought about how much horses sweat in the summer. He wondered whether the animals managed their sweat by engaging in dirt bathing."

Do we not wash most horses regularly unless they are still wild? Do wild horses go to the Whole Foods?

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Let us not throw out the simplest explanation: We know non-time traveling bisexuals also exist. We know time-travel bisexual Jack Harkness does the hiring of his Torchwood team. Conclusion, Jack Harkness enjoys surrounding himself with bisexuals, time travel or otherwise.

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Very tempted to transfer a few of these to white fancy font on pastel background and post them to facebook and tag all my aunts.

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I don't particularly think she loved either one of them, but if she was going to follow ~*the conventions of the day*~ anyway, Laurie would take her all over Europe and sup[port her writing and Bhaer sucks the fun out of every damn thing. I'd still rather Laurie.

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...I feel a deep emotional need to buy you some hot rollers.

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I don't know why but the idea that the Lactation Lounge has a long line annoys me. Are the women not sharing? Certainly they are in the same boat, pump-wise, they should be able to understand and all share the room. Is there a rule against pumping at the same time? Is it just too small to share? Are there so many lactating women that it gets too crowded? Why not a second lounge? A lounge indicates usage space for a few people, right?

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Teenage Dirtbags just found a new way to punk all their friends. So long sound boards of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have a texting sass baby now.

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If Murder She Wrote has given me any advice, it's that coastal towns in Maine are great places to and start over in--doing honest, hard, Protestant work, of course--should I ever get out of prison.

Also a great vacay spot when I am a wealthy and intellectually famous older woman with a young lover or a wild daughter or both.