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It sounds like these kids somehow were legally adopted, not simply foster children. So I doubt the State had any involvement anymore, but WTF....why would this couple adopt children then treat them any differently then as their own biological children. Absolutely disgusting! That is going to psychologically mess up all the children.... Thank goodness though the State is now involved and hopefully revokes all custody/contact with children - adopted, biological, or otherwise. They should have gotten NO BAIL!!!

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I disagree with the Judge and the sentencing here. This woman is a bad person!!! She is a selfish, irresponsible waste of space and 10 years is not nearly enough time for her to be behind bars...she could conceivably become pregnant again when she is released!!! I hope she never has contact with children again. Her rationalizations are profoundly ignorant...HELLO, people should learn the word "no", especially at a young age! OMG, her son may have turned out to be a momma's boy??? Well, now she doesn't need to worry about that anymore...unfortunately for the poor child's sake. If there ever was an example of needing to pass an IQ test before having children, this may be it.... I hope she gets a daily beating reminder in prison of why she is there!

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I'm sure it would be hard for even doctors to say for sure one way or another, it may never be proven, but what's the harm? This is their reality and they should still know their mother and grandmother.

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The once vs. twice thing is about pre-meditation. The scum could argue the first time was in the heat of the moment, but it is hard to argue he is still caught up in the moment a week later.

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Hindsight is 20/20. You don't need to blame the victim - she obviously didn't realize this would happen. Rape can happen to anyone - even married couples.

So, even if this woman were to have put off going to this guy's house until "she got to know him better", he could later rape her. It doesn't matter if it was on the first date - it is still wrong and she was not "asking for it" by going back to his house, which is what your callous comment implies.

Not surprised you are the author of it though, based on your other ignorant comments on this site.

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Well, consider who was in office before him, and the long lasting financial impact of the poor decisions that were made. He is not a miracle worker, and with the current amount of repulsicans in Congress it is difficult to get things accomplished. Additionally, the president does not really control the state of the economy. He has an impact, but there are many other factors as well, including international politics and natural disasters.

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Well, obviously some people cannot TELL a joke, either!

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Exactly. TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE re the "assistance" from Adventist!

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Well your posts usually are! Thanks for helping to fight the tea-baggers who flock this site! :)