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Hello Brother greetings!

People and especially some christians may not believe in satan.Those who doesn't accept christ will be the emmisarries of believers are exhorted not to have fellowship with unbelievers.who are unbelievers? are those who didn't accept christ as their personal savior.It is important for the children of god that with whom they are having fellowship.I mean they must have fellowship with believers.

Real devil is satan is a fallen angel who revolted against the rulership of God in etrnity past.His given name is Lucifer and he presently has command authority over those angels who joned him in his revolt.He is also called the Devil and those fallen angels who followed him are called demons his domain includes planet earth and encompasses within its jurisdiction all humans who have not accepted Christ as savior.Consequently,those who are not believers in christ are emmissaries for satan.(Isa 14:12-15;Ezk 28:12-17;I Tim 4:1;Matt 4:1-11;Lk 4:1-13;Jn 12:31;14:31;16:11;2Cor 4:4;Eph 2:2;1John 5:19;Rev 13:2;2Cor 11:13-15).