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I love it

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When is this POS going to croak? The only Cartel he should worry about is his with the Devil. Begone you POS!

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<DIV>Thanks for you comment. My first contact with an AK-47 was the one I took from a dead NVA soldier near DaNang, He was a Socialist and a dead one.</DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>


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So what is the issue here? Is the writer trying to stimulate more gun hatred from the Socialists and other Liberals? Actually I think giving AK-47s in appreciation for business is a cool idea.

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Warning to liberal American Jews! Before you reach for your checkbook to enable this POS to be elected to another term, watch how he handles this one. His true colors will soon be apparent to ALL. He never was, isn't now, and will never be a friend of Israel!

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This aging fool just recently demonstrated his pathetic poor judgment by coming out for Marxism. His "mistake" "down under" is consistent with his continued bad judgment.. Put on some pants and go home.

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I hope this POS will read every comment on here then just sit back and try to comprehend that most Americans really hate her.

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It sounds to me that his Handlers have told them that there just aren't enough Illegal Immigrant Brazilians in the USA to help in his reelection. Why else would he pass up press coverage like that. I wish they would keep him in Brazil at least until November 2012.

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Screw Tunisia Hillary, how about huddling with the Clown you work for and start worrying about jobs here in OUR Country. Solve that first and then start to worry about 3rd World Countries.