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It wasn't only the medias that were denigrating our government and scientist - there were many commenters to this column that were equally as bad, usually because they had little idea about epidemiology and viral infections. The truth is that we have NO means of destroying the virus internally, only with disinfectants externally. The only internal means is immunity by antibodies created individually either following normal infection or by vaccination. Vaccination will not be soon (various reports of 6 - 18 mths) therefore for the time being the only method (like it or not) is from natural infection and (hopefully) subsequent recovery.

At this point 'herd immunity' comes into play - once about 60% or so individuals have immunity the disease will start to fade away due to insufficient non-immune hosts to spread to. It does not matter whether this development is quick, as a normal endemic would be, or whether it is spread out by the goverment strategy of reducing the infection rate in order to reduce strain on the NHS. However the latter course does mean the NHS are not inudated and hopefully have the time and resources to save more seriously infected patients, and also by the delay we may have sufficient time for vaccine production to occur and finish off the infection (I hope) by artificially protecting the remainder of the population.

Our government, and others with the same strategy of slowing the infection rate, are doing the correct thing in buying time to save as many seriously infected patients and also delaying everything until an effective vaccine is produced. .........So for goodness sake stop running them down and let them get on with the job!

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The government wanted to treat us all as normal thinking adults rather than create a new 'nanny state'. Unfortunately lots of people are too stupid and think that the ADVICE is relevant to everyone except themselves. Because of their pig-headedness the government have had to convert ADVICE into REGULATIONS.

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Definitely to be considered but I am sure that in the circumstances the insurance companies could, and would, create waivers to cover this.

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Boris and his team are doing OK. Considering they are tip-toeing into the unknown and having to solve problems as they go, I can't see anyone doing any better.

I dread to think what would happen if we let Starmer, Abbott and (God forbid) Corbyn have any say in the matter. Thank goodness quite a lot of the pathetic MPs (Hammond etc) were got rid of before or during the General Election.

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You start off by acknowledging the death rate in Italy and then advocate using the same tactics in the UK ! Go and find out a lot more about epidemiology and virology, you appear to know very little so far. A lockdown will not stop the epidemic - it is just running round in circles outwardly showing that you are doing everything but actually doing nothing! Only two things will kill a virus - (1) -disinfection using suitable materials and (2) immunology.
(1) is obvious and being done, but it only works externally, there is nothing that will work internally.
(2) is creating antibodies in everyone. The nicest way is with a vaccine but this is probably many months away. The only alternative is by catching the infection and (hopefully) recovering from it having developed individual immunity. Roughly speaking once 60% or so of the population are in this category the infection will start to fade away due to lack of susceptible hosts.

If you have a 12 month lockdown, all these people will have been kept infection-free and still susceptible at the end of the containment period and come out of confinement still as ready targets for the virus - and the epidemic will start all over again!

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A query and a comment ..........The query.....
It is often said that the government has no money of its own, what it spends came from what it has received from the population in taxes etc. If it is carrying out its present policy of reducing / delaying / holding back on various taxes then what money is it going to use to support the ailing businesses , self-employed etc? I agree that the policy of easing taxes is very laudable and I am all for it to help at this time, but I am no economist and don't understand how it can spend money it possibly hasn't got to help them as well.

The comment with other crises such as WW11 and the concurrent belt-tightening etc, when it all ends (and it will end sometime !) and all the useless chaff has been cleared out, is it possible that as the 'new world' emerges it will be an improvement on what it has been in recent times. .... for example...... we probably would not have been in such a problem if China had not been so secretive and tried to 'cover-up' the problem in the early stages, might it learn its lesson and try to be more co-operative with the rest of the world? only a thought but I would be interested in other comments about it.

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Yup - I just try and avoid getting the virus, and if I get it I hope it will be a mild version.

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Funnily enough I am one of those elderly Tory voters - I am just taking as much care as possible to avoid catching the virus and not get ;thrown under a bus'!

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What vaccine - you can't just buy one off a shelf. With luck there will be an effective one ine about 9 months and possibly more, by this time the worst of the epidemic will be long gone. Vaccine production is underway I assume - I haven't asked the drug companies to find out, but it takes time and in the meantime the virus is spreading

Path 1 hasn't helped any nations - look at the infected list and fatality list for China, Italy, Spain and some other countries.

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Viruses can only exist and spread if there are host animals (people) for them to invade, they cannot exist on their own for long and eventually die if they cannot infect a host. Apart from disinfectants etc we possess no means of killing viruses, the only other way is by antibodies in the host. Vaccines are the only artificial way of doing this and creating a suitable vaccine is some time away, possibly a year.

However, if the virus infects a sufficient number of people, and they survive, we create the 'herd immunity' since so many people have become resistant to further attack, there are insufficient non-protected hosts and the virus dies out or at least to the only-occasional scenario.

zaph239 had got the idea but to create 'artificial infection' is taking the plan a little too far - there is a possibility that it could be that his method might increase the severity of the virus, making it more virile and result in an increase in its lethalness.

No - the government have got it right not to panic over excessive protections, allow the herd immunity to build up slowly and let the infection die down naturally. Obviously the virus will not die away completely but by then a vaccine will probably exist and be included (if necessary0 with the annual flu-jab.