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Almost all of those crossing the Channel are not asylum-seekers. They have already reached France which is not a war zone and therefore safe for them, and they are supposed to ask for asylum there (or even a previous country of the EU that they first entered) . They want to get to the UK because the traffikers spread the word in their countries of origin that the UK is the 'land of milk and honey' with its streets paved with gold.

In fact most of them have already broken the law by attempting to force illegal entry into the country and France, not wanting them, is ensuring that every stone is left unturned in stopping them and tries to pass them on to us - the French boats are apparently shepparding across to our side of the Channel. France needs to wake up and obey the regulations of the EU and pull its weight in taking care of the would-be immigrants - thank goodness we are getting out of it at the end of the year!

With our unemployment rocketing following Covid we would be crazy to take in everyone trying to cross the Channel!

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We were far better off before Blair carried out the traditional labour policy of assuming only the wealthy go to university. He scrapped apprentieships and all the technical colleges with their more hands-on qualifications, converted everything into universities so that you could get 'mickey-mouse' degrees in many useless subjects, and ended up wasting vast amounts of money in the process. The result - they couldn't afford all the grants and had to start charging students.

And now we are starting to find out a marvellous new way of training youngsters for new jobs - it is called 'apprenticeships' with its benefits of hand-on teaching for more practical jobs which do not need vast amounts of theoretical training.

Maybe one benefit of the pandemic is that a lot of universties will be forced to close down and go back to being technical colleges etc. - We can all hope so but don't hold out much chance of it happening - Oh look, is that a pig flying by?

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What Colston did was, by modern standards detestable but at the time that he was involved in slavery it was actually legal, or at least there were no laws against it. So he did no wrong by their standards. The same could be said for many things that have changed over the years - should all public hangmen be convicted (posthumously) of being murderers since execution is now against the law ?, and we still have not convicted William the Conqueror of regicide for aiding and abetting the death of King Harold ! - or for that matter everyone living in Normandy.
Where will it all end ?
Colston was not held up as being evil when he was alive, and he is noted for being a benefactor of many good deeds. As Whatashambles says, it is better that this should be in a museum where the whole story can be told, not thrown into the harbour!

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I would agree that the anti-Apatheid movement brought about the political change, but I would be dubious as to whether any individual parade or demonstration could claim responsibility for this.

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I have never seen the sense in the demonstrations, have there ever been any that have REALLY been effective. It may have been a fun day out for the people taking part in a particular demonstration but does any government (any govenment, not just the UK one) ever take notice and do what the demonstrators want?
Is a demonstration in London ever going to induce the USA to change their laws.
Many years ago now, the demonstration in Tianenmen Square and the celebrated incident of the man in front of the tank, had not the slightest effect on the Chinese govenment.

And the people who organise the demonstration never appear to learn what is going to happen. They may have every intention of making it a peaceful domonstration but in the event they invariably get hijacked by the militant few who simply want to stir things up and cause a riot. The result is that the whole action is condemned and the organisers (and their policies) are ignored.

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Yes, but he could stop in an out-of-the-way place and nip behind a tree, thus ensuring he did not pass on any possible infection?

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I agree with several other contributers - I think I could well have done the same thing if I had been in that situation.

I think the big trouble was he tried to pass it off by saying how he acted legally within the rules etc and the press immediately leapt onto him for breaking his own rules.

If at the start of all this trouble he had said ..... I was left in the situation where I my wife was ill, aparently with Covid, I thought I could well be next and there would be no one left to look after my 4yr son....... The only solution I could see was to drive up to my family in Durham where I knew we could self-isolate... I knew this was taking a risk but I couldn't see any other way out but I took all precautions, driving non-stop, not getting out of the car till we got there to ensure I didn't spread any infection etc etc.......

Then I think that most people would think "there but for the grace of God go I....."

What would anyone else do in those circumstances?

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I have no doubt Cummings did it for the best of reasons in his own mind, but when the rest of the country are locked down, unable to meet even close relatives, not being able to visit or even see loved ones before they died in hospital and often not even able to attend their funerals, it is bound to appear to the general public that it is one law for him and one law for the rest of the country.

We have had at least one senior advisor in England and one in Scotland who have resigned because they were found out to have flouted the rules and I am afraid Cummings will have to do the same, no matter how good he was at his job

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Quantative easing is just another way of saying 'let's print a few more bank-notes to fill the gap, even if we don't have the gold reserves now to justify it' ? In most cases a recession is not completely obvious - the gap had come between income and expenditure in the wrong direction - but why?

In the present case, we know the reason why, and it had to occur because the government had to reduce income and increase expenditure - considered to be a justifiable and correct attitude to the pandemic - since this has occurred to practically every country in the world and even the IMF must be in tatters, why don't all the countries get together and just knock 8 or 9 noughts off all their debts and start all over again with clean sheets...........who wants to take over being Chancellor?

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Everyone, and especially the media, is putting the cabinet in general and Boris in particular in a Catch 22 situation. Starmer, having been newly elected but with nothing much to do at present to push up his image, has spent the last few weeks insisting on knowing when and how the lockdown was ending; and then when Boris is forced to start revealing early plans he spent all his time saying it is 'too soon' and 'not enough information'
Everything about the pandemic is new and unknown and the powers-that-be are having to tiptoe through it all playing by ear according to results. Boris, the cabinet, any of the parliamentary parties, the media and most of the public know almost nothing about the virus, they are having to rely on the experts' advice. Generally they have not done too badly but for goodness sake give them a chance!!!

I have no doubt in the future one will be able to point out where things should have been done differently but for now it would be best if everyone followed two important rules - a) stop backstabbing, it doesn't help and only makes things worse and b) use your common sense and don't make stupid remarks and suggestions or ask stupid questions.