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Grading with red ink sends the kids a message, you need more work. Its education, not mamby pamby land, toughen these jack wagons up.

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Schools would be safer if students could carry weapons, what student would draw down on other students knowing that any one of them could be packing heat, unless of course he/she has a death wish.

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Teens should not be having kids, they don't have the maturity nor the education and real life experience to properly raise a child. Not to mention, most of these pregnancies aren't the result of love, but of a need to satisfy ones urges. Abstinence is the one sure prevention of pregnancy. The only opinion I have on MTV is that most of their programing is dumb and boring, the only show I really liked from them was Beavis and Butt Head.

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California always leads the way in Loony Local governments or ridiculous regulation, the big ones were:
1. The Boy forced to remove an American Flag from his bike on Veterans Day
2. The boys forced to turn their American Flag T-shirts inside out on Cinco De Mayo
3. Los Angeles banning Fast food restaurants from the city.
4. San Francisco banning Happy meals
5. California giving Illegals in state tuition.
Honorable Mention: Berkely City Council anointing Private Bradley Manning a hero for leaking national security documents (commiting treason)

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"The Jerk" was one of his best movies, I did not know he was into so many other things. Wish there were more like him instead of the talentless brain dead hacks that pass for stars now.

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We should let female soldiers run torture on all extremists caught on the battlefield, show the Islamic Jihadis no mercy.

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Sexual deviants seem to be all the rage now a days, Roman Polanski's beloved by Hollywood, Kevin Jennings who condoned a sexual relationship between a man and a teenage boy is the safe schools czar. Now you have Julian Assange an accused rapist and stalker with access to our secrets.

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Makes you wonder if they will try to award the Women's world cup games to Iran. I guess if the gays want to protest they could use rainbow colored burkas.

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Now we just have to hope that no liberal activist judges deem it constitutional. We better repeal it before the free goodies kick in and once that happens repeal will be almost impossible.

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As a member of a TEA party, I'll say that I don't need their award. If you are involved in the TEA party for awards, you're in the wrong place. The best award would be a small government, free market economy, more freedom, and the progressives in an institution.