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Damn, you had to get really creative for that one.

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ZenPencils spreads a popular but ultimately wrong idea, that the great mysteries of life have neat little solutions that can be summarized in inspirational quotes. It's perfectly fine to like some quotes from famous people but people don't get profound knowledge from neat little packages like that. It's one thing to be able to say a quote from a famous philosopher like Descartes and a whole different thing to actually understand what he wrote about.

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That was really sweet. Both of the characters had interesting personalities and they actually meshed together really well. It's rare to find hentai where the characters have chemistry this good.

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I really know how Tyrone feels here. I love to babble about weird science facts, I geek out really hard about stuff, and I really worry that I'm boring people with the stuff I talk about sometimes. I'm glad that you've got him in the story Andrew, it's nice to see someone with similar problems but to see them learn how to do better with them.

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Sometimes the greatest move is to do nothing at all.

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"lol, I'm your stepdad now. Go mow the lawn while I mow your mom."

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I know like, ohm my god.

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I realized something about this page. There wasn't going to be a wizard jamboree in the park this day, but now the word is getting spread around so all the wizards will be going there. When a whole bunch of wizards arrive at the park there'll be enough for a jamboree to happen.

The suggestion of a fake jamboree is enough to cause a real jamboree to exist. I think there's something philosophical that can be said about that.

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Why would they take it out on dubstep? It's an entire genre of music.

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The phobia about women thing doesn't seem likely, especially considering that he likely doesn't even know Samus is a woman and just thinks, "This robosuit person is making fun of my height!"