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I'm always torn between laughing at this and sadness that someone was this stupid/disturbed. I saw his parents interviewed (maybe in the actual documentary, I can't remember) and they seem sweet and completely sane people.____And the underreported portion of this story is how his interference with the bear that killed him also endangered the lives of those who found his body. I live in Washington state. I know plenty of granola types like Treadwell, but even most of them understand you admire wildlife from afar, for the safety of the humans and the animals.

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And the trolls crawl back under their bridges.

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Darn. Ironically, I thought I did vet Steve when I noticed he looked like a pedophileand was spending a lot of time with my kids, but that was before the election. It's too bad he didn't vet the "facts" in his little video. I'm still can't be outraged when I consider what my reaction would be to a similar video from a similar person that would be right leaning.
In other news, I heard the new guy on Blue's Clues is related to Patton. Can anyone confirm? If so, that's unfortunate too. I can't stand that guy.

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I love stand up. I love it so much my pick for date night is the literal hole in the wall club we have here simply because I think it's nice we even have one. (Darn it, I missed it when Hal Sparks was here).

I was a Jeff Dunham snob. Until I got busted laughing my arse off at him.

And I'm pretty sure having Newsweek pan him makes Larry the Cable Guys year. That and counting his millions and millions of dollars.

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I think I should only get to hear these people talk when I'm paying them too, which I'm not right now.

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I think they think this is a movie.

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I trust they saw this coming.

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Figures. In the news the following day they played the part of her speech where the thanks her "lifelong republican parents for their patience". I thought maybe I was too hard on her. Sometimes I hate being right all along.

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This made me sad, and I told him so via twitter yesterday. (So I totally showed him!) Other than what he said about Clarence Thomas he's always seemed to be a reasonable man that understood personal accountability. It's unfortunate.

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Now I'm hungry.
Streep is such a good actress I really wish she would just act. One time I saw her accepting some award and she made the joke that she thought she was overrated too. I always thought that was cool, but her alar hysteria among other things makes me wonder if *her* food was poisoned.

Julia Child must've been a blast. A straight biopic of her would've been awesome.

When you really think about it acting is a ridiculous profession.