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I posted for the first time on this web site and my comment is gone! What did I do wrong? I went first to post reply and commented on the poem at the beginning. That I totally agreed with it and believe we are the generation. It got erased. Does anyone know what happened or why? Thanks

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Amen! It is really true and it will happen in our lifetime. I believe the coming of the Lord is at hand. We must be prepared and look up for our redemption draweth nigh. God bless everyone!

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I am sorry but you are both wrong (not referring to TeaJ) Book of Revelations is the Unveiling of Jesus Christ. It is the revelation of who Jesus Christ is and his coming again. The Catholic Bible is not the Bible you should be reading. The best Bible would be the King James version out of the original tongues...translated in the 1600's. I read both the King James and The New International Version...the New International Version leave out some of the original texts, but have them as a side bar. I have never heard of The Revelation to St. John the Divine....and if John were still alive he would have been heart broken that someone would give him any glory or credit instead of Jesus Christ.

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Hi Florida lady, Have you seen the old film "Thief in the Night?" I think there were a series made in the '70's and it's about the rapture and the tribulation period. It was almost erie to watch them...even though they were made so long ago....a lot of truth is still in them. I agree with you, Jesus said no man knoweth the hour neither the angels in heaven...only the father knows when Jesus will come for us his bride. I believe it is soon with all of my heart. God bless you.

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I thought the same thing, especially George, he looks soooo sad. I am praying right now that the truth would come out and that this could be put to rest. This is one of the most horrifying stories ever.

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This guy is very good. I am amazed that the normal citizen can see what is going on, but Washington has no clue. I am really praying for our world. I even prayed for Barack and Michelle today if you can believe wasn't easy. But Jesus said, love your enemies, pray for those who dispitefully use you and bless those who curse you. We need to obey Christ above all. God bless.

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Amen! I totally agree too!

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I still think Sammie is Kurtie...I could be wrong, but it is so ironic that he isn't on the blog when Sammie is and when things come up about the opposite sex stuff, he is first to speak up....don't know just an observation.

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Washington Zoo, that is soooo right. I saw it so clearly the other day. It is part of Obama's plan to make everyone equal. He wants his brothers to not be under the oppression of the so called white man. That is what his preacher Rev.Wright was all about. Think about it.

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Great reply gabby55.....and sooooooo true! I would give almost anything to have President Bush back in office. Atleast I felt I could trust him and he meant what he said. With this President all we have is empty promises and false hopes.