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If this matter was NOT HIGHLIGHTED to the attention of the 'rakyat' via the media, can anyone please explain how is possible for it to be construed as "not for personal benefit", when RM2.6 billion was SECRETIVELY transferred into a personal bank account? Furthermore, the recipient of the funds REMAINED SILENT upon receiving of the funds in question, without disclosing it whatsoever either to the deputy or to the party, which the funds were allegedly meant for. Since it was done in utmost SECRECY without any form of disclosure, hence it is only logical to deduce that it must be and has to be for personal benefit.

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I am not an UMNO member and I too would like to see Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as Deputy Prime Minister, at least I know that he stands for truth and justice at the moment. I am sorry but I have to disagree with this, that his removal and others were because of asking too many questions! Lets momentarily ASSUME that the RM2.6 billion was indeed a donation as claimed. IF INDEED IS WAS A DONATION, question is was it necessary to remove him and others since it was merely a donation and was it JUSTIFIABLE on the grounds? Since they were removed, it simply suggest otherwise. I love teaching and I simply do not punish a student for asking too many questions! That is totally unimaginable nor unthinkable as far as I am concerned. Then again, perhaps I could learn this trick and punish minds for asking too many questions but what would that make me instead! ...

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I have to admit that our policemen are actually BRAVE ENOUGH to OFFICIALLY make a request to Interpol to put Sarawak Report editor on the wanted list. This is really hillarious and I can't wait what's next!

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Furthermore, what has China got anything to do how badly bruised we will get? Is China our only trading partner? Ceteris paribus, does that mean that Singapore will be bashed up too because China. If that is so, why is the Singapore currency stronger than ever against every currency? There is 1 thing I learned all my life, don't blame others if 1 fails to put 1's own house in ORDER, because failling to plan is simply planning to fail. I would rather be concerned about what happens in my backyard, than what happens to other people's backyard. Try learning something from successful football coaches like Jose Mourinho or Manchester City coach Manuel P. or even Sir Alex Ferguson. BTW why is it always when some country devalues, must Malaysia consider following suit, with a bang for their buck logic! Doesn't anyone understand what OPPURTUNITY COSTS IS? Until we have learned to stand like Singapore, we shall continue to be at the mercy of others!

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I am surprised when you wrote that TODAY'S oil prices is actually less than USD40 per barrel. What I vividly remember is this, when a barrel costed more than USD100, we were told that fuel prices will floated to follow the world's market rate to avoid subsidies, wastages and what have you not. Now that world prices per barrel have fallen drastically, why is it that fuel prices at the pumps remained the same, like when a barrel costs more than USD100? Maybe Malaysia float mechanism is faulty or someone forgot to update the computer terminal system or someone totally forgotten about the floating mechanism or perhaps you are right, Tay Tian Yan, I will never know anything about the Malaysian economy let alone understand it, no matter how much I try, simply because it defies everything in the study of economics.

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Nothing short of the complete ABOLISHMENT of GST is required and that is only the 1st step, as there are many other policies that are required to be implemented before the ringgit halts its decline.

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If anyone can give me RM2.6 billion without any strings attached, it can be from any country for all I care, THEN I will believe in you abdulsani or whoever else is singing along that tune.

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Since you possibly do not understand accounting, just believe in this, RM42billions is gone via miss adventures and that amount is increasing everyday because of interest costs! What that means, more money is being lost with the passing of everyday until the bank loan is fully settled. Whatever assets that are left, whether it is re-sold again at fire sale prices, that costs will be re-factored in into costs of production for the economy. Hopefully that should clear things up, if it still cannot work, than I strongly suggest you attend school again.

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Very true indeed Keluak and didn't you know that it goes both ways too! The government must also know its limitations, proper and just governance not otherwise, for the good purpose of maintaining national security and public order. For someone to receive billions into his personal account, irregardless of whatever the purposes is for, for his miss adventures and at the expense of others to financ e all the miss adventure via indirect taxes like Gasak Sampai Teruk and putting the blame on some lucid external factors, you cannot possibly justify that as proper governance now could you? Then again perhaps you could.

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