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Continuing from my above post... then there is the fact that the US participated in the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan. The fact that this "crack" unit from the "most advanced military in the world" finished in 35th place, behind Tunisia, Namibia, and 32 other nations makes one wonder their real purpose in Wuhan, where they were housed blocks from the Hunan (Open) Seafood Wholesale Market, which was ground zero for the Chinese outbreak.
Then, of course, there is the unresolved connections between the BSL-4 bio-lab in Wuhan, build with help from the French 2015-2017 (most US citizens don't realize it even exists) and the National Microbiology Lab (NML) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada primarily through Immunologist Xiangguo Qiu who traveled continuously between the two, failing to follow safety concerns while shipping materials which could be used in creating bio-weapons. She and her husband, also an eminent virologist, along with a number of her students, were "removed" from Canada's only BSL-4 lab.
Then there is the "story" of Prof. Charles Lieber, former chair of Harvard Universities, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, who also was on the Staff at Wuhan University. Dr. Lieber's arrrest followed the arrest in mid-December of 20019 of Zaosong Zheng at
Logan International Airport in Boston for trying to smuggle to Beijing 21 vials of biological material. The vials were taken from Harvard University’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre where Zaosong Zheng was a visiting graduate student in pathology.
Oh...and please don't miss Dr. Francis Boyle's interview on SARS-CoV-2 as a possible creation at a Bioweapons lab. Look it up. Boyle was the lawyer who drafted the U.S. legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.
Look this up. It's worth the read.

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I was pleased to see the author emphasized the need for a global response, but horrified when he wrote, "perpetuating a conspiracy theory that has been circulating online, without providing any evidence": writing this without providing any evidence that it's a "conspiracy" theory.
That the SARS-CoV-2 origin is a theory is undisputed. No one has found "patient zero" as of yet. However, as a top virologist from Taiwan pointed out in the exhaustive studies he performed:
"One of (the) main points is that the type infecting Taiwan exists only in Australia and the US and, since Taiwan was not infected by Australians, the infection in Taiwan could have come only from the US.
The basic logic is that the geographical location with the greatest diversity of virus strains must be the original source because a single strain cannot emerge from nothing. He demonstrated that only the US has all the five known strains of the virus (while Wuhan and most of China have only one, as do Taiwan and South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, Singapore, and England, Belgium and Germany), constituting a thesis that the haplotypes in other nations may have originated in the US."

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What I don't see mentioned in any of the news is that if those Americans had been withdrawn, they would still be alive (or at least not killed in a useless war.)