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The American people are the ones stopping your two class economic utopia.

That is why Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Alinsky and Obama fail.

Mass murder you lefties use to get your way won’t even work.

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Government must first take money out of the economy in order to have the money to spend.

Since 75% (or higher) of our economy depends on consumer spending how can anything you say about government spending help the economy by taking away expendable income from the very source that grows the economy.

Your socialist BS is nothing more than tax the middle class, grow the lower class, and keep the wealth in the socialist aristocracy.

Either you are delusional, misinformed, or you are one of Stalin’s useful idiots.

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If left with only two choices; the dumb or the corrupt, people will vote for the corrupt every time.

A Republican strategist made that statement.

The irony is thick since the Repubs do not call barry and the dems corrupt and do not defend themselves from being called dumb.

Therefore, my only objection to the Newsweek article is the wording of the title.

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Can't see the forest....too many trees?

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Kennedy gerbils too.

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Indiana is THE perfect strategic state to become Right to Work.
Four forced- union states border Indiana.
Two are totally land-locked (MI-OH). When Indiana RTW goes…so goes the region.

I’m not saying we won’t get are hair mussed….But if business’s want to locate or expand
to this region they will go to Indiana. And the evidence of their success will be too great to be ignored.

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Romney will be nominated. Maybe concentrating on holding/taking both houses is a thought.
A trifecta with Romney as potus is not a bad thing.
Who is Rep. King endorsing anyway?

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You’re killin me Cowboy. Drag me onto the thin ice hey. All I can say is give the kid a chance.

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I would be even more tolerant of gay people if they would simply be less militant and demanding.
Family Guy’s Star War movie said it best:
A long, long time ago…
When gays weren’t all up in your face about it….

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"AGW is real and man-made."

Speaking of idiocy. Anthropogenic and man-made is redundant.

Let me help you out. "AGW is man made-up".