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Actually the way to do this is easy. Cut the days of the kids are at the school from 5 days to 2.5 days a week. Use the internet to teach these kids at home some of the time. You cut 50% of the teachers, 100% of new schools that are being built monitor the students so they do not fall behind.

It is a brave new world and if the kids can't learn on the internet they have not future in any job. I do 3 or 4 webanars each month and it sure beats the feel up by the TSA.

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There are some, not many, unions that do the job they were started to do. Mine safety (though 2010 didn't work out so well in that respect) comes to mind. But Unions for the Government give me a break. It is not like the government is greedy since they have only one way to earn money, Looting the public's pockets.

These unions need to go the way of the dinosaur.

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No you are wrong. Global warming was taught as a fact not a theory. I had this discussion 3 years ago at my kids high school. I ended up asking them to provide me the data to prove it and was told the center wouild not release the raw data. I followed up with, until the data and the scope of the data is examined there is no basis for a theory. Keep in mind I am a scientist or was. it is only real if it can be repeated.

Not only was this not repeatable but no one could build a working model of the environment because the one thing, volcanos, cannot be controlled. They produce 80 to 90% more Co2 than man does. So we should tax all the countries for their volcanos because they have not found a way to control them.

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They have fired 500,000 government workers who have taken to the street for 3 days. They are changing their medical care closer to what ours used to be and they cut payment for colleges to university. So they are changing right now, you just have to turn on the news!

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This really started years ago with government and Federal Reserve (I really am not sure if they are part of the government, they seem to act without any rules) making rules that grind down business. Eventually the system will collapse. That is what has happened and until government removes itself from trying to help with new regulations or with new efforts to turn it around only hinders the economy.

Inflation has not started yet, according to the administration we have no inflation. But as you are saying that is not true only as way to keep from paying an increase on Social Security benifts. There are 2 events that will cause inflation at a rate we cannot stand. Since we did not drill in any meaningful way for the last 3 administrations, we are tied to Middle East oil, which is tied to the politics. Then we will one day have to pay for the printing of so much money by the Federal Reserve.

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The pay is an issue but more than that is the reality that you cannot be fired. We have teachers in Florida including child molesters that are receiving pay until they are sent to jail. This is no way to run a state.

The question is are you a union worker? If not you probably had a wage cut in the last 2 years. Your retirement is called a 401k money that you sat aside for your future not a mandated wage for the rest of your life.

Are you a business owner. I am and closed down my company because the looters are making it too hard to make a living. With the Obama and Obamacare rules, I chose to close my company and fire the under 20 US employees and hundreds of workers in Africa. When the system either is fixed or collapses, I will open my company again. It is not just Obama (All of the presidents starting with Clinton messed with my business) he just made the situation impossible.

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The unions have mis used their power so many times and they are unable to allow businesses respond quickly to market forces. Back in the late 1970's I worked for a huge internation oil company that was based in France. They hire US citizens for all of the important jobs out of the Headquarters in Paris. We cost less because we would work 10 to 12 hours per day and we could be fired if we did not perform. The labor forced in France is not only union but the laws dictate all the extra withholdings necessary for the employees retirement.

Companies will seek out the most qualified and cheapest employees they can hire. Then in general work harder and longer than the competition. That is why unions are no longer a benefit. They limit the raise or firing for the specific employee. Back when I was young 1980's several times I received over 50% raises. The unions would have limited that to 5 or 8% if you are lucky.

I started my company after being fired by a company. I made a much better living with my own company than I would have as an employee. So not being in the Union gave me freedom, freedom for success and freedom to fail. Failure is not bad, it is how you bounce that matters.

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The cut out from reality is a teacher who was making a W-2 income of $90,000 the last year at the job and now has ~$12k from Social Security and a Pension of $32k per year. So this teacher really took it on the chin. Most of us have the SS income and a few buck from interest from our 401k.

This should have been addressed early on in the late 80's and 90's.

The idea of unions is great and there was time that they protected their workers. That was eons before OSHA, labor laws etc. I am really amazed there are unions still out there. The government should never have allowed Unions to enter the government. They by law should be held to the highest employee treatment standards. The military does not allow their soldiers to form a union and they are the best run of our government entities.

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Now there is novel idea in fighting militant Islam that is state sponsore like with Iran. We will simply hire them sell us their oil and gas. This is a diabloical way for Afghanistan to take over Iran!!

Ok enough crazy talk, is this not the dumbest thing I have heard this year and that in itself is a statement? We are hiring our closest best enemy and giving them cash. That is totally insane.

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With real unemployment at 21 or 23% depending on who is reporting the numbers, who is going to cry Depression first?