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i love this post chris! i think your philosophy professor sounds fantastic. I think the American view of this with the lack of persecution here at home would be "we have too many fans in the stands, but not enough disciples."

great post!

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i can see the cover now. dave, in a blue suit smilling, with a title like "failure driven life" or "your best fails now" or my personal favorite (for hipsters keeping up) "Blue Like Fail"

i think it'll be a hit.

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I love this statement. I honestly am stuck ion the middle of this insurance nightmare right now and I just want to be done with it. I believe people have the right to live and to find a doctor to help them, but this puppet-mastering you are talking about scares the crap out of me as well. I don't want to trade one group of puppet-masters in for another. Thanks for this article adam.

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Are the VMAs based on research? is there a portion of the decision that is based in the play time a video gets or the air time they take up? or is it all based on the opinions of the executives who own these musicians? if there is no basis to the opinions, then doesn't the show just become one long drawn out commercial for music you canhear on any radio station (more than once an hour probably)? i love music...and I love the creative force behind todays music, but I agree with you guys about the bloated, slothfulness of the industry these days!

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I have listened to the dead weather. first thing of theirs i saw was the video for treat me like your mother, interesting video buk i liked the dark pop feel of it. as far as comparisons to the stripes, i like the stripes, but i am enjoying this side projects with "super groups" (even though white and benson both don't want them called that) much more!

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I am just afraid that what sunday school is teaching is not a "christian" perspective, but what is perceived as one even though it is just a narrow, biblically illiterate (meaning we take for granted what we have heard or read without study) set of glasses (in the idea of rose tinted lenses) that color everything we look at without taking other disciplines into account to back that information up. Good question, I should have clarified that better. Thank you!

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Good thought Jason, when I dress I like dressing for comfort and wife is not a big fan of this. Apparently comfortable button up shirts and basketball shorts are not a good pairing....who knew?

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o yeah...flip flops too. thats how i try to "connect." great article dave, isn't interesting how we want to be all tings to all people but in the end it really is just what "looks cool" or "feels good?" wonderful critique.

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October 27th. I ordered mine online. I imagine you could probably find them on ticketmaster or a link from but I am not for sure

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anyone listen to explosions in the sky? i have always found their music to be soothing and inventive.