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I'll see your Canadian and raise you a Russian. This guy makes the Canadian seem like a Shriner on a moped.

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Seems like to Continental/United merger is working in Boeing's favor. United used to be a big Airbus customer while Continental was Boeing. I always liked flying Continental and hated to see the merger with United.

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Not sure why they banned her, she's most of councils voter demographic.

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Believe me, Key Peninsula is not made up of conservatives. The levies keep getting voted down by dour burned out old hippies and wannabe mountainmen who live in singlewides with blue tarps for roofs. Masions and meth labs seems the be the Key Peninsula demographic, and there just are more meth labs than mansions.

I will vote yes, and actually wish department would tripple their workforce. They really could justify it.

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"Man, I thought I'd get some Obama bucks, he be a sell out!"

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Guess shes getting an education now.

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The examples in the article are the logical end result when a people want to be managed by their government. You want the government (other people) to pay for all your healthcare? Then expect them to tell you what you can or can't eat. There really is no end, because "health and safety" always wins at the ballot box, but if it doesn't we have a court system that will declare the vote unconstitutional.

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I bet the perps were wearing hoodies.

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Urrp! More blobs of glass. If its not cedar shavings glued together, AIDS blankies or some cars with lights shooting out of them, its the Pirate and his glass fishing lures. How this town considers itself an art center I have no idea.

Moran, Church, Bierstadt, Bouguereau and countless others would weep, once they stopped laughing.

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Maybe if the dude in the pic took out the bolt through his nose he might find a better job than making coffee?

In the Tacoma News Tribune there were about five jobs listed at a foundry in Tacoma. Skilled blue collar jobs are usually in demand. Welders, plumbers, electricians and other skilled craftsmen CAN get work anywhere in the world.
Working as a contractor overseas can bring in 100k +, tax free.