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IAlso, I did not open a business to pay for someones mortgage, car, bailouts, higher taxes to pay high debts due to irresponsible borrowing, printing and spending. I went into business to pay MY mortgage, My car and to replenish MY 401K. What have you done?

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You do have a dynamic organization and I am supporting this effort all the way. The last 3 months I have seen job loss in enormous numbers, food stamp applications in enormous numbers, homes are still being foreclosed on, tent cities, the threat of the government taking over businesses, fiscal irresponsibility as I have never seen before and this scares me, national security threatened, immigration laws ignored, incompetence and corruption and lying. The list goes on......if our elected officials in this party are trying to hear us, speak to us, and resolve this - Go for it. I have your backs.

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Strengthen those laws already in place with immigration. I do not believe anyone in this country wants to turn away the poor, the hungry or the sick, but in an effort to resolve this problem we need to get our country back on track with the economy and leaving the people, big businesses and capitalism alone and getting americans back to work.

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I do not think so. I will not live the rest of my life as I have these past 103 days.

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You are so right Jan - We're cleaning house in 2010! Polenski, Reid, Dodd, Frank are first on the list and clear them out one vote at a time.

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Item found on Hannity Forum
Due to low participation, earth hour 2009 is re-scheduled for this wednesday, April 29th at 8 p.m. Emphasis is placed on turning off all television and radio broadcasting devices. Please spread the word. -

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There needs to be organization. Each 9-12 state needs to get the upcoming incumbant Representative and Senate and those running for election. Get the good and the bad on each candidate - most of this can be found on or the Wikipedia. Research archives of news articles on the canidates. On your 9/12 state start putting the information on the canidates and those we want to see outst. There are a total of 435 Representatives seats up for grabs in 2010. If we work hard and gather information we can pretty much educate people before the next election. We can put together a wonderful Congress of the People but it won't get done unless we know who we got to work with. Call the RNC and the Libertarian offices and ask them for all the information on their candidates for your state. Once you start posting the candidate and the info I am sure others will add their own info and comments to them. Start printing off pamplet type information sheets on candidates or call RNC or the parties and get pamplets to give out at the teaparties. Also, write or e-mail your State Rep when you find they will be running and tell them they may need to save their money for unemployment or vise versa - let them know you appreciated their support with........... I have noticed some difference. Just going to take more work.

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P.S. We are not the Far-right Wing

We are the Far-right WAY!

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PEOPLE - You should be PROUD of yourselves! You managed within a month to organize one of the biggest protests of this country through the internet and groups. You should be basking in glory! Do not worry about degrading comments, evil media coverage or thinking you have not made a difference. My children are starting to take notice to all this and asking questions. My neighbors are gathering in the middle of our cul-de-sac to discuss the issues of this country and I now see a total of 12 independant groups that have organized for the fight in this city alone. We have so many that have our backs when the ugly comes down on us. We have Fox, WorldDailynews, Wall street Journal, Newsmax and so many more. Don't worry whats being said, worry about what we need to do now. I think we have done something that may end up in the history books and may even be an inspiration to other nations that are craving to be free. And if you think the hate mongals aren't worried and will try and stop us - yes they will! But they won't.

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Yeah, Axelrod up there with his speech and the very next day I see the news where their closing the gap on the internet sales tax bill........not taxing 95% of the Americans huh? We all know the lies, the corruption and the theft. They think their slick and the public are morons - I have to laugh because ol Jimmy Carter tried this too, Americans woke up and we got Reagan. We should reviewing the candidates for 2010, who we're going to replace and who we're going to keep in. We need some organizers. I would like to be one. Unemployed but not unavailable.