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Subject? What do you mean?

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Happy New Year! Let's make this a Sweet 2016! My New Year's resolution is to make art more consistently and provide more videos for my YouTube channel!

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They look like they're in amiibo packages. As if I didn't waste enough money on colorful plastic figurines!

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Ugh... I don't like Principal Chicken Leg's design in the movies, so I am not looking forward to what her doll is going to look like. And judging by our beloved princess' look on the header image, she isn't either...

Also, "Slumber Party Bedroom Doll?" That... needs... some rewording...

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What do you mean? That the idea of a member not being able to make fun of its own fandom can be applied to any fandom?

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At this point, I'd be surprised if they didn't hear about bronies. They did make an episode about viral internet videos. Maybe they just don't have enough material to make a solid episode.

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Wow, really? I thought the creators of South Park and Family Guy just had a friendly rivalry like Seth MacFarlene and Matt Groening.

Well, if AnimatedJames has reminded us of anything, some bronies aren't capable of self-deprecating humor towards the fandom or brutal honesty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCeJp33beKE I don't mind Family Guy making fun of bronies, but I do mind how the show's quality has clearly dropped since the late 2000's.

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I can take a joke. Besides, I was actually hoping South Park would tackle bronies, but at this point, it's too late and not newsworthy anymore.

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Haha. Hey, I genuinely like the Equestria Girls trilogy (I can't believe we can call it that), I'm just saying they should quit while their ahead and focus more on ponies. Friendship Games was deifinitely not as good as Rainbow Rocks.

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#1 I got used to Twilight's wings a long time ago. Definitely not for Starlight. For Sunset, I'd rather she become the next unicorn protege to the princess (this case being Twilight).
#22 Wow, Flutters looks good in buns and eyeliner.
#36 That sky is on fiyaaa!
#44 Careful, pilot Dashie, it looks like she might have to eject...