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Getting it out of the way: your dress is amazing and the bouquet is gorgeous! But really, I was incredibly touched by you having the locket of your parents. My father passed away last year (my sister has also declared she will be giving me away) and in planning the wedding I have been trying to find ways to honor him there (I even got a tribute tattoo for him on the shoulder where he would have been to walk me down the aisle). Very beautiful. I'm actually teary eyed.

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That dress is gorgeous! And the corset-lace-up chair covers to match? Fantastic!

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First of, that dress is amazing! Secondly, the ceremony site is just gorgeous. And thirdly, your advice is so... grounding. I keep thinking... oh crap, I'm going to have to do ALL of this?? Things will happen as they will happen, and even if there's something I forget to do/can't do, it will still be what it's supposed to be!

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I love love love that bouquet, and the flower girls are absolutely adorable. Love their floral hairpieces.

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Wow. Just... wow. After having spent most of yesterday looking at invitation books and thinking "Gods, how boring!" this is just... a breath of fresh air! Not that I could (or would even try to) pull it off. But good job!

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I'd only had a few dreams about wedding related things. I wanted my dad to give me away, I wanted to wait to move in with my man until after we were married, and I wanted the grand romantic proposal.

Well my dad passed away last August, and because my roommate decided to buy a house (and gave me 45 days notice) I had to move in with my man. So I decided, hell with it. I love him, I know what I want. We have conversations about the future involving us and kids and all that... about how well we fit together.

This past weekend he had a disc golf tournament, his first one. He got 6th place, which he was incredibly stoked about. So I went out and I got a disc that he'd been lusting after. On the underside, where he normally writes his name and phone number, I wrote his name, and my question - "will you marry me?" I took all his discs outside and we were practicing putting. I had gone out to retrieve the disc and handed it to him while he was standing up on the deck... it took him a while to process, once he got over the excitement of the disc and turned it over and read it. But he walked down the stairs, put his head on my forhead, and said yes, of course I'll marry you.

I had been so worried about him not wanting to tell anyone about it - he works construction and he has a bit of a brutish boss. But he didn't care. He thought it was awesome that I did it, that I planned it perfectly. He said, "I don't know if I can find you a ring more perfect than this."