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Pool's too small for $30mil and the garage interior is, umm, basically suburban but with more room inside. And it still has those rickety-ass individual doors. The garage doesn't seem to be arranged so that the back row cars could get out without at least one moving in the front.

Why not just have one or two doors and an interior parking layout that permits an internal driveway, like in apartment buildings?

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$60 is a good price for something relatively rare (outside of the Hooniverse) like this. But then again there are $60 1:18s out there with four opening doors.

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A friend of mine bought that car, I later did an article on it once it was cleaned up a bit: http://autoweek.com/article/car-life/we-take-ride...

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Now, THIS event clearly had the right mix of cars.

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Remaining SD1s in the states, where only about a thousand were sold for one single model year, tend to be in really good condition. I think there are still plenty that were used for like three years and then locked up in a garage.

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You would think there would be plenty of these in the Renault club, but there are far more boxy Alliance GTAs

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Oh god so much win.

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People keep losing their sh!t over this car, at the same time I don't see them being paraded at classic meets back in their home country or being brought anywhere.

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Volvo lets all of their stuff sit out for way too long, but this one has aged surprisingly well, visually. Like, that exterior design COULD plausibly be introduced today.

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Geared Faceplant into pavement.