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Although my experience is not in the IT arena, I have been involved in technology transfer from the federal laboratories (DoEnergy) for 2 decades, including recent experience managing multiple Work for Others agreements under a contract from another gov't agency. Without great detail, IMO, w/o understanding of the process, the whole area can be a mine field open to considerable interpretation especially in the area of IP rights. Would be happy to expound but not on the web.

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It always amazes me how insightful and prescient our Founding Fathers were at the birth of our Nation.

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Based on this RT, one might wonder if it matters whether he/she/they are conencted or not - @lewisshepherd Maybe VC levels are a *lagging* indicator. @WiredResearch says Q1 VC investment in US = just $3 billion, lowest since '97


In Q1, VC investment in the US, spread across 549 deals, reached just $3 billion - the lowest quarterly level since '97.

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But even your article says the divorce rate is "average."

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I was wrong and must have misremembered what I thought I knew. Sorry.

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@Jack: Of course character matters, especially in entrepreneurship and investments, although you may have been referring to politics. If someone is going to invest in my company, they are investing in me, and if they can't trust me, why would they invest?

As for the point of the post, the fact is that the "business" often becomes the "other woman" just as fast as a pair of nifty legs attached to a great body. The long hours, the level of committment, the cost of simply keeping afloat, the periodic feeling of hopelessness. Or the roller coaster ride of finances and emotions that accompany being in a start-up or even more advanced company. There's a reason why the divorce rate among entrepreneurs is high, and it doesn't necessarily connect to cheating or adultery.

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While I continue to maintain that NoKo is very adept at International extortion, their threats must be talken seriously. The cycle begins each year as NoKo prepares for the Winter, needing money for food, clothes and medicines. However, each time the cycle occurs, NoKo does get closer to having the ability to atleast try to deliver. At the same time, it is of course, "interesting" that the very system that could defend Hawaii is that which was a promised budget cut.

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You're welcomed Sir. Its what I do in my spare time (but I focus on domestic and technology issues.

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My friend and colleague Steve Schippert has been following events as they unfold and posted this on ThreatsWatch: Iranian Courage.

As well as these:

Twitter Feed: Rolling Iran Coverage
Iranian Election: Clockwork Orange

I think that one of the things to watch is the mergence of the younger generation Iranian (1/5th of the population is still a teenager) that has been exposed to the West and has some degree of technology.

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Failure. Doesn't exist. Falling short of a goal does not mean failure as much as it means that you've still got a way to go. Stop trying. Fail.