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I've read the Long Earth books. They're definitely angrier than some of his books, but not to the same level as I Shall Wear Midnight or Nation.

I'd put them roughly on the same anger level/heaviness as Unseen Academicals, and more pointed as they go on.

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"Gur varivgnoyr pbafrdhrapr vf gung nalbar jub ivfvgf gur Pehpvsvkvba jvyy svaq Puevfg fheebhaqrq ol gubhfnaqf, vs abg zvyyvbaf bs gvzr geniryyref."

V oryvrir guvf vf n ersrerapr gb gur fgbel Yrg'f Tb gb Tbytbgun ol Tneel Xvyjbegu va juvpu gur ragver pebjq vf gvzr geniryyref engure guna crbcyr bs gung gvzr. uggcf://ra.jvxvcrqvn.bet/jvxv/Yrg%27f_Tb_gb_Tbytbgun!

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"Sheepish" is an idiom meaning embarrassed or self-conscious as a result of shame.

eg. the goatee is ashamed to be there and is trying to vanish out of embarrassment

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The dance is another instance of Pterry picking up on a seed he tossed down many books ago.

From Reaper Man:
Gur frperg vf gur bgure qnapr.

Va gur ivyyntr va gur Enzgbcf jurer gurl haqrefgnaq jung gur Zbeevf qnapr vf nyy nobhg, gurl qnapr vg whfg bapr, ng qnja, ba gur svefg qnl bs fcevat. Gurl qba'g qnapr vg nsgre gung, nyy guebhtu gur fhzzre. Nsgre nyy, jung jbhyq or gur cbvag? Jung hfr jbhyq vg or?

Ohg ba n pregnva qnl jura gur avtugf ner qenjvat va, gur qnapref yrnir jbex rneyl naq gnxr, sebz nggvpf naq phcobneqf, gur bgure pbfghzr, gur oynpx bar, naq gur bgure oryyf. Naq gurl tb ol frcnengr jnlf gb n inyyrl nzbat gur yrnsyrff gerrf. Gurl qba'g fcrnx. Gurer vf ab zhfvp. Vg'f irel uneq gb vzntvar jung xvaq gurer pbhyq or.

Gur oryyf qba'g evat. Gurl'er znqr bs bpgveba, n zntvp zrgny. Ohg gurl'er abg, cerpvfryl, fvyrag oryyf. Fvyrapr vf zreryl gur nofrapr bs abvfr. Gurl znxr gur bccbfvgr bs abvfr, n fbeg bs urnivyl grkgherq fvyrapr.

Naq va gur pbyq nsgreabba, nf gur yvtug qenvaf sebz gur fxl, nzbat gur sebfgl yrnirf naq va gur qnzcnve, gurl qnapr gur bgure Zbeevf. Orpnhfr bs gur onynapr bs guvatf.

Lbh'ir tbg gb qnapr obgu, gurl fnl. Bgurejvfr lbh pna'g qnapr rvgure.

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There's a pretty decent fanfic that creates oversight and accountability (of a sort) for Discworld coppers.

Minor spoilers for ISWM, but I think everything else is now clear: https://archiveofourown.org/works/244534

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And then it's mentioned in Thief of Time as a patch that keeps getting re-used because it's the right shape.

"And what about Koom Valley? Everyone knew that there had been a famous battle there, between dwarfs and trolls and mercenaries on both sides, but how many battles had there actually been? Historians talked about the valley being in just the right place in disputed territory to become more or less the preferred local pitch for all confrontations, but you could just as easily believe - at least you could if you had a grandfather called Death - that a patch that just happened to fit had been welded into history several times, so that different generations went round through the whole stupid disaster again and again, shouting 'Remember Koom Valley!' as they did so"

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To paraphrase: Jurer'f zl qnex? Vf gung zl qnex? Vg unf n gnvy! Gung'f abg zl qnex!

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The cartoon with Vetinari is a reference to the jokes told about UK's first stamp, the Penny black with Queen Victoria on it.

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(MM) Naq gur pvgl fgngr bs Hz vf cebonoyl n cha ba gur Ebhaqjbeyq napvrag pvgl bs He (cebabhaprq vvep nf "Re")

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Stealth pun/reference (in rot13 because I'm not sure if Mark's read the book it refers to):

"Punpny" vf gur Serapu pbqr anzr bs gur nffnffva va gur snzbhf "Gur Qnl bs gur Wnpxny" ol Serqrevpx Sbeflgu