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I've seen that video. Interesting thoughts by two men used in very special ways outside of our church.

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The man was used by God to help change the wrongful views of the day. Regarding his personal life, I don't know as fact all the issues. Nonetheless it seems to me that God uses people despite their ways, without excusing their wrongs. There is a story in the bible about a man who became King, named David. He not only committed adultery but had the husband killed. Yet there is no doubt God used this man who had the heart of God.

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Praise God Sheila! May we go forth and show Jesus!

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Awesome! Let our light shine for Jesus!

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Mike, thanks for the affirmation. May we always make Jesus the center of it all! Blessings to you, your wife and your leadership at Faith For Today.

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Rodlie after the marathon I was sore for a few days but I'll be writing more on that soon. I really have no pain while walking or anything ITBS is a common injury as I mentioned, but it's something that over time can heal and many go back to running as I did, it can and has flared up a bit. Yet don't let this or anything else keep you from running! Build slowly and be consistant, honestly I'm addicted, I simply love just being out there and running! Happy running my friend! 

So Dwight even runs on Saturday?:-) I knew he was a runner, so there you go you have a running buddy:-)

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thanks Manny! Good principles...Romans 14 is always an interesting chapter:)

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check list's aren't necessarily always bad, but it's like school :) many times I remember just memorizing a check list of stuff in order to pass a test, class, etc...sometimes that's how folks (perhaps without realizing it) live their Christian experience...if a teacher can just tell them what else they have to do they can be more Christian, more saved...

Again though check list aren't evil as long as we don't make the check list what saves us instead of the Teacher!

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Good to hear from Israel! The grace of God which opens by faith for us to receive the righteousness of Christ. It is all about Jesus! Jesus is not cheap grace, but costly! The Love of God compels us...to what? Mission! Blessings my friend and thanks for your reply.

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Praise the Lord! As we look to Jesus we grow in His grace. For as you mentioned it is comforting to know that we serve a God that is in the business of changing lives!