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I was proud to be a part of this gathering of Bronco fans on the intra-webs. Kev, Nick and all you regular contributors were awesome. I shall miss my daily OBNUG fix.

However, on the plus side, I won't have to stress about my falling out of the "Top 10 Commenters" list to the right. Damn me and my busy work load...

And now, I venture out into the world... a little sadder... but better for the experience.

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My thought is that this turns our receiving corps from excellent and experienced to good but young all in one fell swoop.

Wish you had stayed Jeremy. Good luck on the next level.

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Now, I know a lot happens in these polls, but I gotta say, I'm a bit frosted that Oregon is above us in both polls. If head to head doesn't matter, why even play the games?

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I would like to point out how stellar my bowl picks actually are. Most of you probably haven't noticed since you have to hit "next" to view the bottom of the standings, but its well worth the time. You will find me way down there. The whopping 3.7th percentile. That is AWESOME.

I couldn't have done worse if I had tried to pick only losers. I can only laugh at this point. I mean, during the season, I went 110 out of 225 picking college games (yahoo pick 'em league) AGAINST THE SPREAD! But I can't figure out a way to pick straight winners in the bowls.


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Well... I'm feeling better already!

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Thanks for the heads-up Kev.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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I'm struggling to come up with positives from this game... Since it is Christmas and I'm depressed. If I don't get in the spirit a bit more my wife will kick my ass.

1. The cliche' "it's something to build on". This seems to be a team of hyper competitive guys and a loss will only help propel them through the winter conditioning and spring practices.

2. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year. 12-1 is a heckuva rebuild.

3. We are very young. That only bodes well for the future, right?

4. Moore is not Zabransky despite doing his best Z impression at the end of the game. We know he will watch that tape about 567 times before next season.

5. Despite the loss, we will most likely start next season ranked.

6. I didn't purchase any of that dumbass "Perfect Season" merch the BSU bookstore was hawking for the past month.

7. My DVR is not going to be clogged with 4 hours of HD football game that I can't delete. I deleted the recording about .002 seconds after the game ended.

As a postscript, I have to say something about watching the game last night. That %$&*$% "Interactive Tuesday" crawl at the top of the screen filled me with a searing white-hot hate that has yet to be extinguished. Hey ESPN, there is a reason I choose not to visit friggin message boards. Now you're going to force that same infuriating crap down my throat DURING the game? There is a special ring of hell reserved for the programing nerd who thought that one up.

Merry Christmas (or as best you can) everyone!

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Anyone else's christmas ruined?

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Coach Pete is hilarious. No wonder I love him.

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Dang... I ran that thing about 2 dozen times and only had us winning the opening game like 4 times.

"So, you're telling me there's a chance..."