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I am so sorry to hear about all that happening to you. <3

I would suggest thetrainline.co.uk for booking train tickets within the UK, also you two may find it is sensible to buy a Two Together railcard - http://www.twotogether-railcard.co.uk/ - chances are it would save you more than it costs, unless you find someone happy to drive you around. Sadly I am not in any of the places you need housing. I will think if I can come up with any London venues, but I'm not there any more so it's harder to be sure what's still good.

YouTube is pretty ideal for me as a platform to watch videos because of how it integrates with my phone/my chromecast/my laptop very easily, but I definitely understand wanting to get off it. I also can't afford both Patreon and paying for the MR videos, is there any chance of a Patreon perk that includes access to the videos if you do move that way?

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One thing I noticed was that Zenadia sneers at and judges the Camelguts for joining a gang which killed some of their own, and makes Ikrum swear he would not do such a thing - just before she basically tells him that she killed one of his gang. And expects him to still stay with her. It's so telling of how manipulative, and disconnected she is.

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I'm in Reading! Which means that London or Oxford would be the most convenient for me (well, after Reading, which would be awesome, but less likely?). An Oxford event would be great, it's convenient from a lot of the South and has a great history, but I would definitely also come to a London even if I at all could.

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This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing (and I definitely don't see any fail here). Tris' hair is so cool!

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Your reactions to the characters is very much what mine was the first time I read this as well! Also, I love reading your reactions to TP, I've been catching up on older reviews and always make sure you read your comments. I'm so glad we're finally in this series, can't wait to see what you and Mark think. I had definitely forgotten just how immediately hardcore this book is, having got so used to it all after so many rereads.

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In. You should have my email address from before :D

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Makes me so happy to see another membership bought! I've only been to 1 worldcon, Glasgow 2005, and half my family are working Loncon so I just can't wait. I've never done a discworldcon but I have friends who do, didn't realise the time. I am considering going to Eurocon in Dublin the week after London, but it may be too pricey.

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Yaaaaay Loncon! Sadly our memberships to Loncon allow us to nominate this year, but not vote. I am so excited about that con it is rediculous.