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Could be worse- she could have been born with the name Amanda Mount. One of my former high school students was not so lucky.

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As a former educator in Glouster, I am proud to see this story featured by The Wonkette.

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The funding of Ohio schools through property taxes was found unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court 20 years ago, and they have yet to come up with an alternative way to fund schools.

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I got an iphone 5c for Christmas and politely said, "thank you." I got a plush Pinky Pie as well and flipped. the fuck. out.

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I am opposed to the common core standards but for very different reasons. The liberal, commie teacher kind to be exact.

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One of the greatest MST3K host segments ever.

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Indiana is not the only school doing this. I just received an e-mail from Ohio University stating that as a student worker over the summer, I will not be allowed to exceed 29 hrs.

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I was at Biden's speech Saturday in Athens, OH, where he fondly remembered getting escorted out of a Ohio University Women's dorm back in 1963.

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Did anyone notice the "Obámanos" sign in the crowd? Obama has become a Spanish verb-that is awesome!

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In the little college town where I live, there is a gun store that has a reputation for selling people handguns that are broken and have to be sent out for repairs before they are even used. I wonder whether it's coincidental or if the shop owner is doing his own regulating of gun ownership.