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My favorite thing about this topic is that when I went to see even more birds on scales (apparently the film canister thing is surprisingly popular!) google's first search prompt when you type "birds being" is "birds being jerks."

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Follow-up to a link from one of last week's roundups: Vermont is kind of the farm-to-table motherland, so a piece that one of the local papers ran makes an interesting companion to the coverage of deceptive marketing in the restaurant industry. They talk about the financial difficulties that come with committing to the whole farm-to-table thing (one of the restaurant owners describes himself with, "I'm obviously not in the business of making money,"), the compromises consumers have to be willing to make for this system to survive, and what steps may keep farm-to-table dining feasible, both in terms of business solvency and accountability/transparency, since Vermont has actually implemented programs to verify local sourcing claims.

While I obviously would have guessed that working entirely or mostly with local, seasonal materials was more expensive than traditional purchasing I wouldn't have guessed that it drops the restaurants' profit margins as much as it seems to. Makes it understandable (if clearly not excusable) that restaurants in the Florida article started exaggerating their farm-to-table claims.

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I get bored pretty quickly when actors talk seriously about Their Craft in interviews, so I find this very disappointing. I find I'm generally disappointed by actors in interviews, though, so I try and avoid that kind of thing and just leave everybody as 100% their characters in my head (unless a trusted source suggests to me that watching the actor the human talk is actually charming and worth it).

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Did you see this tweet about Andrew Jackson? I thought it was a nice, pithy burn.

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My question is, what would be the exemplary 90s setting for this show in the same way an ad agency in New York was for Mad Men? I don't know, something finance-related, or political?

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I went back and forth about whether or not to comment on this because I almost sent it to my partner as a way of explaining a lot of the problems I have with talking about money. I'm no good at communicating how I feel about financial disparities between the two of us. We were raised in households with only moderately different financial security, but for various reasons related to our families we are each in very different financial places as adults. When we're making joint purchases/generally making financial plans/individual purchases I can never really articulate that I'm really envious of his financial situation and general feeling of trust in the system without sounding like I'm accusing him of something or asking him for money, both of which I'm not trying to do.

This is a long-winded, not eloquent way of saying thank you for describing feelings close to my own much better than I can.

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The piglet lobby has long arms and good timing.

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Picture when it happens, please!

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"Snow sports advocacy group" is not a phrase I would have thought anyone needed to use.

Vermont has the other one of three resorts in the US that don't allow snowboarders. I don't think anyone's sued them yet, though, just used them as material for an April Fool's article a few years ago.

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I think they just gave her some light side-eye and she (correctly) let it drop.