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Licence indeed. Some of us are try to teach children to spell,

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This virus is very contagious and we are a densely populated country. It should therefore be no surprise that the number of cases and indeed deaths, are so high. Let us hope that vaccinations will have a significant effect before next winter.

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I seem to remember that Rudy Giuliani was not a very successful or popular mayor of New York until the destruction of the World Trade Centre. His handling of that earned him much praise and respect. As to Bill de Blasio, I believe he is not popular either, but then he is having to deal with the virus and an increasing crime wave. As I said I am very pessimistic about the future of the US at the moment.

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I hope you are right Elaine, I am more pessimistic. Twenty years ago I was living in New York and then they seemed so confident, after all they had just defeated Russia and communism. But now with the rise of China, who knows ?

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I agree with what you say. We have benefited greatly from previous immigration. But nothing prepared us for the numbers that have arrived since the end of WW2. I often ask friends who support further unlimited immigration how many people can this island comfortably support? They brush my question aside .

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I absolutely agree. Just want to add that it seems that many people think the EU will remain strong over the coming years, I do not believe it will.

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Yes indeed. A Merry Christmas and an even happier New Year to all.

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But what was Boris thinking of appointing yet more peers to an already over crowded assembly? I do not think this is going well amongst most voters.

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I am old enough to remember when Singapore left the Malaysian Federation to considerable dismay from most quarters.. I have since lived in Singapore for a number of years and seen for myself what a disastrous decision that was. Indeed geography is a fact of life.

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Indeed we are. They only want us for our money. If we were Greece I am sure would be quite happy to be rid of us.