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But that is the point. There was hope that things were getting better and they did get better. Now there are expectations many of which will not be realised.

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Exactly Tom. That is how I remember it. Indeed we have lost so much. And that is why I said last December that if this government wants to retain the support of the so-called Red Wall it needs to secure a fair Brexit and considerably curb immigration.

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Absolutely agree. That is exactly what should happen. But given the state of our Parliament, will it ?

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I agree. The leadership crisis we are experiencing is a result of lack of confidence in our way of life. We seem to spend a lot of time apologising for what we have done. It must give many other parts of the world considerable satisfaction.

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I said here just after the general election that if the government wants to hold the 'red wall' it must do at least two things: leave the EU and reduce immigration. Let us hope the negotiations with the EU are satisfactory to the majority who voted to leave four long years ago and that immigration to an already overpopulated island is considerably reduced.

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The £ ?

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The rest of the world must be laughing. So how has it come to this?

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The population continues to rise each year by tens of thousands. The amount of land we have does not.

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I understand that both Jerusalem and the National Anthem will be played, and sung, words and all. So why not Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia?

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So why have the BBC decided to censor the Last Night of the Proms now, after decades of the same programme? It was alright last year and the years before that so why now? Perhaps it is because there will be no audience, no people to shut up. We will never know what would have happened had their been an audience - until next year.

Not that many people go to the Albert Hall, but more watch it at home and even more know the music. It maybe that this time the BBC might have pushed its politically correct agenda just a bit too far.