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Thank you for posting a nice commentary that deals with the passage instead of trying to make it say this or that. Nothing preaches the resurrection better than the word itself... and without it there's no hope.

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It's alright to have your own views... yet that Isa 29:13 quote is way outta context:

And the Lord said:
“Because this people draw near with their mouth
and honor me with their lips,
while their hearts are far from me,
and their fear of me is a commandment of men learned by rote;

It's about false piety... not that being "God Fearing" is inherently bad.

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I think the last two paragraphs sum things up. People treat human life as so cheap that there really isn't any outrage over the lose of it... until someone decides there should be an outrage.

It's no less "mob-backed" than the counter argument in the popular imagination

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I wonder how the whole Argentinian dictatorship effected the community. Do you think the widspread police-state formed any kind of common bond between the Muslims and their neighbors?

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I have explored many different Christian prayer traditions for my own work on the new site Http://religible.com/about , and the real thing I learned is that all in all... how you do it doesn't matter it is that you do. Far to many Christian's are slack in this respect, and while I really would like biblical literacy to increase... I think I'd put getting folks to pray and have the core relationship the Gospel offers even higher on the priority list!

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I think that the real safety for local SEO is still the backlink profile. Way to many Churches that work with regional bodies, other charities, even EDUs don't know to secure these resources. Unfortunately, you often have to have some "www" level rank to secure the local.

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That's some gorgeous looking architecture. I'm glad that they are able to save the resources though because there are so many unique voices that can speak to us from the stacks. The Church owes a lot to Averroes and other Arab thinkers that persevered large parts of our western heritage so it is proper we help them preserve theirs.

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This is the one part of a prayer life I struggle with. It's like I'm waiting for a full on voice and I get so impatient. So I can agree "it did not first come easy."

I've been working on it for a long time though, how long did it take you until you felt you had made some progress?

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I studied for a time at another school within St. Patrick's seminary in San Jose. I thought it was odd that the halls were mostly silent. I expected to bump into them serving various devotional hours. In my experiences alongside Anglicans in America (break aways, but still) they took the hours of service very seriously, even taking time to do daily services almost privately when working as secular clergy.

But sage advise about avoiding idiosyncrasies especially!