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I feel like I've been kicked in the gut. Damn, Andrew you'll be missed.

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"Andrew grokked the internet like few others"

Damn straight!!! Now it's time for the rest of us to pick up the torch and grok the Left, the Democrats, and the Democrat Media Complex!!!

RIP Breitbart!!!

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RIP Andrew, you'll be missed. You were courageous, irreverent, and and true American. God speed and God bless you!!!

My deepest condolences for your family and loved ones.

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Fine, Jon, we get it, you're for gay marriage, and you're pro-abortion and you don't mind mocking people who are against gay marriage and abortion and portraying them as hypocrites.

All well and good, but you still haven't explained what you were doing going up on stage in front of 150,000+ people warmly embracing and singing with Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam who isn't just against abortion and gay marriage, (most likely he wants to execute them) but is anti-free speech and wants to take your right to free speech away, wants Salman Rushdie dead, donates money to support terrorist groups, and believes that women should be imprisoned in a bag, and treated as having half the worth of a man and supportive of an ideology I find scarcely discernible from fascism.

Who's the real hypocrite Jon? Or is it just 'Useful Idiot'?

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The key word in there was 'mainline', as in 'Mainline Protestant' denominations like the Presbetyrians, Lutherans, and Episcopalians.

Writing as someone who was raised an Episcopalian and has seen the Episcopal church do the following; abandon scripture, elected practicing homosexuals as priests and bishops like Gene Robinson & Mary Glasspool, embrace every left-wing cause like supporting the Christian/Jew/Woman/hating Palestinians, Social Justice, Pan-sexuality, to name a few, has a female head of the Episcopal church who has transgendered Jesus by calling him, 'Our Mother Jesus' in addition to adopting pagan practices like 'Ubuntu', adopt Islamic prayers in church, allow people to run their seminaries like Katherine Ragsdale who refers to abortion 'as a blessing', and persecute those few Episcopalians who still believe in the bible; then, yes, to answer your question, I suppose the Episcopal Church is no longer a 'Christian' church, at best it is an apostate church and Christian in name only.

If that is what Rick Santorum was referencing, then I whole-heartedly agree with him.

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You bet he's right. Evil, in the form of the Left and Islam is on the march.

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All any Republican need say if asked if they think Obama is a Muslim is, "Of course not, the 20 years he spent in an anti-semitic black Marxist church is testament to his true faith."

OTOH, I do believe Obama's true religious beliefs are weirder than even the hate-filled anti-American/anti-Westernism of Rev. Jeremiah's Black Liberation Theology. I think Obama truly believes, in narcissistic fashion that he can be both a Christian and Muslim simultaneously without any contradiction. He wouldn't be the first person to believe such nonsense either.

Ann Holmes Reading is the analog for Obama. She was a Episcopal priest who believed that she could be both Christian and Muslim at the same time. That was even too much for the moonbat Episcopalians and she was subsequently defrocked of her priesthood.

I'm willing to bet that Obama shares very similar religious beliefs and it wouldn't surprise me to see him make a pilgrimage to Mecca while still claiming to be 'Christian' at one point in either his second term or God willing, after he is thrown out of office.

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Stewart's still a douchebag even if he has a moment where he criticizes his fellow liberals.

He and Colbert should be treated as nothing less than pariahs for screwing over Salman Rushdie and free speech by singing kumbaya with Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam. They both have yet to truly apologize for embracing a misogynistic Islamofascist like Stevens.

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Yes, and he does it speaking the language of Jon Stewart, which makes it even more brilliant.

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'Elite Snobs', yes, and they've embraced the vice of aristocracy which is everything the US was founded against.