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He is without a doubt the Harte and soul of Tyrone football. I hope they win another All-Ireland under he's management. Keep up the good work Mickey.

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Id rather see a five a side played in traditional fashion than this mock of a game. And what about the goal posts, will a soccer goal suffice if point's are a no go ? Promote hurling by all means but not in this way.

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Come on the tribe... skin those tigers.

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I wouldn't rule out Eugene Cloonan coming on towards the end...there's life in the oul dog yet. Not alone do Galway believe they can win this one, they know they can.

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Galway are on a serious roll this year and with their new found never say die mentality it's going to be hard to stop them in the final. The best is yet to come from this team who haven't reached top gear so far in's going to be some game.

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I hope it's a hell for leather honest and fairly contested game with plenty of open skillful hurling ... Ref, please let it flow, punish harsh tackles and keep out of the way of the game. If refereed fairly the best team will prevail.

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Totally agree with you Shane,anything that was missed in real time should be picked up on in playback time. It need's to be nipped in the bud. The GAA are sending out the wrong message if it goes unchecked.

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It's going to be a serious serious replay.

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To be frank about it Kev i think Kilkenny would rather meet Tipperary instead of least they know what to expect. With Galway under Cunningham they could either wave the white flag and surrender or hammer the opposition out the gate regardless who they are. Under the current management they have failed to be consistent but strangely enough they have achieved the ability to win while playing bad.
Fingers crossed for Sunday.

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Fantastic win .. best of luck in the can do it.