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11 years ago @ Vision to America - Aspiring Dictator-in-C... · 3 replies · +33 points

I just cannot believe that after seem what Obama and other past presidents have done to destroy the fabric of America and its Constitution, here we are, with an opportunity to truly turn this country around and yet sit around here trying to decided which of the moron globalists NWO candidates is the lesser evil. Amazing!
No wonder we need a revolution.

11 years ago @ The Tea Party Economist - Photo ID Card from Hom... · 3 replies · +4 points

Let me tell you what's wrong a bout these ID thing. Because is mandatory and coerced by the federal government criminals and all together traitors. There is nothing wrong to having a law that says "ONLY Americans who are eligible to vote have the right to and can vote" Of course as a good American amd a patriot and wanting to do your part, IF YOU'RE ELIGIBLE to do so you go ahead and present documents that would satisfy any other requirement from the government as a form of identification. Now, you make it mandatory, thought out the country, BYPASS the sovereignty of the states and put every joe and jack in the nation in ON MORE of the many unconstitutional databases for tracking citizens in this country.
You liberal cumbayas who have the tendency to think and agree that whatever the feds are doing must be a good thing for all of us can better jump to the other side fence when when the crackling noise of fireworks starts.

11 years ago @ The Tea Party Economist - Photo ID Card from Hom... · 0 replies · +4 points

More like 100 plus years problem now, Orrie. The creation of the Federal Reserve with the blessings of a corrupt Congress and Senate is in my opinion the greatest fraud scheme ever perpetrated on a sovereign nation in history. It has kept us enslaved into a system of taxation by force. Death of prosperity in America for the common man is upon us.

11 years ago @ The Tea Party Economist - Photo ID Card from Hom... · 9 replies · +16 points

No amount of legislation or political savvy towards the other direction is going to stop these fascist from completely taking over. A revolution is what we need.

12 years ago @ Godfather Politics - US Government About to... · 0 replies · +1 points

Yeah? What a crock of $#it this is. Anyone who goes along with this has been living on a stupor for the last 100 years. The Federal government wants to take total control of the internet and share the powers with the UN and some freaks here think this is a good idea. Stupid commies!!!

12 years ago @ Godfather Politics - The Irony of Fast and ... · 2 replies · +14 points

LOL. Funny and scary at the same time. You never know with these fascists running the country what's going to happen next.

12 years ago @ Godfather Politics - Homosexuals Battle for... · 0 replies · 0 points

Gays and homosexuals and the likes have always existed in every society throughout history. What the communists and fascists of the contemporaneous era did and still do is to modify the concept and use it as a weapon against the conservatives. They transformed homosexuality from a sexual preference to a way of life. So now this is what we have, a society were two "male" Marines, the elite of the world fighting force, pictured hugging and kissing, in their gala uniforms by the way, on the day of their wedding... nough said.

12 years ago @ Godfather Politics - The Double Standard: M... · 1 reply · +7 points

Come on Godfather, dig down a little deeper will you?
If Al Sharpton was just a simple liberal activist I would have no problem with the idiot. However he is more than that. He's not only a fascist but a criminal and a gangster. In 1983 the HBO special "Real Sports" with Bryant Gumbel showed an undercover tape done by the FBI where Sharpton is seeing and heard VERY CLEARLY discussing drug deals and money laundering with a former mobster Michael Franzese, who had turned FBI informant. I watched the tape and I have to tell you folks it was a lot more incriminating that the one the FBI did of John DeLorean. However, contrary to DeLorean nothing came of it and I suspect the reason why is that this criminal fascist Sharpton was already a so called "community worker" with some influence and the Government being corrupt as already was the whole thing was never brought to a grand jury.
Amazing, huh, folks?

12 years ago @ Godfather Politics - Poverty is a Self-Infl... · 0 replies · +4 points

See John Stossel's documentary/ interview about the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the excessive Government regulations (it is over 1000) and why they do not prosper. And the amazing comparison with the Amish who suffer very little Federal and state regulations since they, the Amish are considered a religious entity. http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/03...
One can clearly see why Government regulation is nothing but a killer of prosperity.

12 years ago @ Godfather Politics - Poverty is a Self-Infl... · 0 replies · +5 points

I despise a lot of the things the white man has done to this country and specially to the American natives. One of them, as an example, is something that only few people and true patriots like myself do notice... Mount Rushmore. They literally stole one of the most sacred pieces of land from the Lakota natives and carved the faces of white men into it. That after all the atrocities inflicted on them and all in the name of some unknown foul reasoning. If Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln knew their images were being used for such a hypocritical and downright sinister purpose they would be shooting by now.
Unfortunately our society has been re engineered by unscrupulous individuals all in the name of "progress".
Liberty and prosperity is all together something else.