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How'd you like that Obama speech? :)

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The system is statist. Progressives are full on statists.

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I'm sure a lot of creeps will be celebrating today. Their sickening response will show how souless and hateful they are. But Andrew was an important person in the cause of freedom. He was not establishment. He was out of the box and he was a game changer in the new media. I really hope his legacy and his sites goes on.

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Got a new Obama Nation I just uploaded. Should be on Big G soon

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Chronicle was excellent. Well made all around. It deserves to do well.

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The OWS comic is an example of comics people boarding the train after it derailed. I've been quietly working on projects I plan to do which will explore different arguments about society and government than what many comics pros tend to do but we aren't all left wing. I find there are a lot of conservative and libertarians in the community. They just arent as vocal as lefties.

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I saw Paris and its not as harsh as Toto and some others say. The Tea Party dad even gets to defend the Tea Party in a scene and me basically puts down Wilson as being the snob, which he is. Wilson realizes at the end of the film that he was the one who was an idealistic dreamer. Whatever Works, Larry David's character is an unlikable lout who says all that stuff. And his friends are self adsorbed creeps. The Southerners that David talks badly of are shown as nice and level headed, just naive compared to the sour NY people, so in fact Allen actually is doing what he did in Annie Hall. He criticizes self absorbed people on the left by showing them as they are. I dont think he was actually putting down the conservatives that much at all. He was fairly balanced about it.

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I'll wait for the special edition where the Nazis shoot first more special effects are added

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Don't forget he played Cockeye in Once Upon a Time in America. A movie that had Woods, DeNiro, Forsythe and a host of other good actors in a movie that took place in the 20s. And Forstyhe played a Jewish mobster in that also. Its worth checking out if you haven't seen it. The directors cut

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Life on Mars was a weak remake of a British show of the same name. It had a great cast, but it was full of typical Hollywood liberal tropes and became rather weak as a result. A good idea that didn't understand how to pull off the 70s or that PC is not "wisdom". The cast on that show was excellent, so it was a real shame. They even had some conservative actors on there like Fred Thomspson for an episode. The biggest problem with it though was it didnt make us care enough.