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Hope you never need help, It's clear from the story the lady has issuses that must be addressed. Sometimes the Police are the only responders with a system for searching while also preforming their normal duties.
I only wonder why she is still driviing if her issues are so bad she may have forgotten where she lives.

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Ether that or tell me the boot leggers name

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Once again you make us pay even more for the poor service and those smelly little buckets.
We have no say in your actions. I guess we will have to get rid of more then the Mayor and his little bike.

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You missed the point, They might have to work a little.

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Your correct but at least it would be a start !!

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Saving the Teachers jobs, while cutting local city jobs will change nothing. It will cause more harm to the general service's already offered in Portland and just replace teachers with other lost city jobs.
It's hard enough to pay the property taxes and services reguired to mantain a home. The city will only rasie our rates futher but it will never cover the buget loss.
Why are Teachers jobs more important then the jobs of city workers? A lost Job is a lost Job !! It still means the tax payer will pay the price. Teaching is a decent job so is a street sweeper or park grounds keeper.
The jobs lost over this will not be the higher paid city workers we never see. It will be that guy down the street that we do know.
Time to Shut up and stay out of the schools problem ADAMS. At least you won't be our next Mayor.

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(Did any of you think this might be another lying set up).
Reading the first part of the story shows that they don't know who sent the information to the media.
(Someone taking responsibility for the damage sent an email to local media, claiming the vandalism at Mars Hill Church on Southeast Taylor was the work of a gay rights group)
Knowing many gay people I can say truthfully that they aren't going to hide under the cover of night or play Ninja (Dressed in all black) If they really want to make a statement it's out in the light so you know who is talking.
Hiding behind a email account is a cowardly way to bash others. The Media should have just turned over the information to the police and not report it as the truth. Many groups will use anothers name to make trouble for them. As always they print with little regard to the truth in the matter.
It would make more sense to report about the windows and leave out the email claim based on no facts.If it was factual we would also be reading about the arrest of the email account holder.

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I have shopped in this store for several years. The people who own and run it are very nice, they keep the store well stocked and clean. Unlike many other stores in the area they always thank you for stopping there, these owners do not try to upsale what ever your buying. They have tried very hard to maintain a good outlook during these trying times and don't deserve this.
I wish a speedy recovery for the clerk and I will see you later this week. This place is still a safe place to shop. I hope these robbers are caught before they strike again. Crime's like these hurt everyone way beyond their wallet!

As for this being a gang related shooting I doubt it !

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I was beginning to think I was the only person that read about the wheels.
A trailer is a trailer if it has wheels regardless if you can pull it down the road.
Since they have wheels on it maybe a license plate would be in order.

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Since the Inmate was guilty as charged, had already used up his appeals it was time to stop funding his containment.
He was convicted by a jury, passed judgement by the court then held for all those appeals. He didn't do anything but waste more tax payers money on what turns out to be the final solution passed down throuth the court system.

The lawyers always try ti find an excuse to stop and appeal the judgement of the court most often they lose the appeal.
In this case blame placed on computer problems. The court had already been run through all the appeals the man had a right too. It was time to pay for his crimes period.
The Judge had only 15 minutes left in the work day. If they had taken his appeal it would have only prolonged the outcome.
The Judge might need a better attiude at the end of her work day but this isn't a miscarriage of justice.
Holding the inmate any longer is.