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Worse. They enjoy picking winners and losers. It makes them feel powerful.

If you don't support them, they want to knock you back down the ladder a few rungs. If you support them, they want to assure you get a head start building up your bank account.

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This is European socialism as it's designed to work. In Europe, even conservatives are stuck arguing about which entitlements are most deserved. If they don't promise the right entitlements to the right people, they lose elections.

Think it's bad now? Wait til Obamacare gets up to full speed.

In 20 years, real conservatives will sound like Ron Paul to the average voter. And be considered just as crazy.

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I know the question is always asked rhetorically, "Why don't rich liberals just pay more if they want higher taxes?"

But the answer needs to be provided loudly and boldly: Because liberals know (wink, wink) that every tax increase they've ever passed was specifically designed to exempt the biggest Dem contributors. And us middle class schlubs pick up the difference.

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Further, 20,000 is a low ball estimate. It fails to take into consideration all the jobs that are created by efficient and low-cost delivery of energy.

Every dollar you save at the pump is another dollar you could have spent buying something else ... something else that requires workers to provide.

Efficiency is the mother of prosperity!

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Kayleigh McEnany makes GREAT points here.

Now if we could just get Romney to make these same points (among others) we'd finally have a candidate with the fortitude to stand up to the onslaught that is about to hit him when/if he becomes the nominee.

Romney thinks he's the exception, that he can skirt by the Democrat-Media-Complex unscathed.

Good luck Governor! If you don't grow some balls soon, you're gonna need it.

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Sorry. I responded to you as if you were posing a serious question. My mistake.

After reading my statement and your question again I realize you're a nihilistic fascist troll trying to tear down what you don't understand. Get lost, loser.

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The ability to listen to what the voters want and model your speech around their needs is a sign of intelligence, good communication skills, and a drive to win.

Even Reagan wasn't perfect. But he communicated in a way that swayed people to the conservative cause. He showed a willingness to listen to the people and model his speech to give them a stronger voice.

We want a winner. We want a leader. And most of all, we want someone who listens to us and leads our nation's lost and confused to wake up and follow us.

Right now, Romney seems to represent the lost and confused. As do you.

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Media mouthpieces like John King should be talked to with the same contempt as Barney Frank or Wasserman-Schultz. They are one and the same.

The media is able to tear down our candidates with a steady drumbeat of disrespectful and dishonest caricature. If our leaders would relentlessly and confidently treat the media with the same sarcastic and dismissive attitude as we used to treat Pravda and TASS, eventually the Democrat-media-establishment will become as much of a laughing stock to the general public as they are to us.

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Jimmy oughta know about racism. The plantations used to be run by people just like him.

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80% of good leadership is communication.

Newt communicates the conservative message. Even if he fails to follow through with actions, having a good communicator of conservatism in a position to be heard would do wonders for the cause.