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I cannot agree with Dr Noam Chomsky, because Trump may be a criminal however he is not worst criminal in living history . The simple fact he likely had nothing to with planning the alleged pandemic and it likely a surprise to his administration. Much of the economy had been destroyed by past governments through the exportation of American jobs and economy to the third world countries for cheap labour and cheap consumer goods. The fact that the American government including all government agencies are corrupt and can hardly hold Trump to blame for this, as past administrations used their powers to place within the departments their own infiltrators of corruption as witnessed by the Democrat attempt at impeachment. I am not a fan of Trump and I am an outsider to American politics and foreign policies but it seems the state of the U.S. is in decline and we can only hope that cooler heads will prevail that something really stupid does not happen.

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The fact is the American corporations sold out the American economy for cheap labour over the last number of decades. To blame Trump for all the malaise of the American economy is disingenuous at best. The blame lay with past governments that allowed the major manufactures to export their production and research and development offshore there by leaving the American economy devoid of any competitive edge.

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Both Trump and Bolton are psychopaths and making a choice between them is difficult but if pushed I would have to go with Trump because Bolton is a war criminal and like the Clintons should be getting the Mussolini treatment.

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The fact is the ability for viruses to jump from wildlife to human has been created in the military backed bio labs around the world and the coronavirus is the result. Further the introduction of GMO foods that are developed through gene slicing may contribute to weakening of the human bio immune systems.

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This is all to do about the past and current administrations that have weakened the non proliferation treaties and their hegemonic attempts to dominate the world. Perhaps the Washington think tanks will begin to rethink their strategies regarding their very existence.

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The fact is that in general the education system has been constructed to not teach critical thinking and logic which forces people to be sucked in by the narrative of the those who have an agenda. This cripples the thinking processes of populations as means of control of those with that political plan be it by domestic governments or foreign entities.

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Perhaps this will be the spark to ignite the real changes in American domestic and foreign policies that has to take place before the nation can take its place in the world of nations that desire peace.“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

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Whereas advances in technology have meant that many civilian research projects in medicine have the potential to be used in military applications it clear that the military labs producing bio agents would likely be not as transparent controlled and secure. It has been reported that one American military bio lab ( Fort Detrick md) was shut down for repeated security reasons. Thus it would seem that if the U.S. government was honest in their assessment of events perhaps they should look in house for the coronavirus dispersement.

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Most people over 65 could see the moral desecration of the U.S. coming with assassinations of J.F.K. ,R.F.K.and M.L.K. . For decades the corporate Zionist elite have infiltrated what used to be government of the people, by the people, for the people and turned it into government for the elite by the elite for the corporations.

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Most are aware by now this "alleged" pandemic has been concocted to control world populations and there can be little doubt that behind this move are elements within the U.S.government and international Zionist banking. China had challenged the international hegemony of western interest which forced the NWO to act. This has been in the planning stage for many years if not decades and they were losing the battle to China and they had to something which ended up to be a coronavirus aided by the mandates of the WHO and the idiots that propose vaccinations for the whole world to facilitate electronic immunization registries.