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Meet me outside so I can kick your ass!!!! First of all SFC Monti is a National treasure to be regarded highly and second of all no one wins the Medal of Honor they are recepients you stupid pompous ass!!!! You honor our fallen this way? You are beyond making us all sick......gosh I would love to meet you.

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Ignorant you say!......She would tear you apart and by the way are you having a problem with the ladies?

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This is MSNBC's rising star that worked on You Tube.....He started out as a loser and now he works for losers!!!

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Prayers answered!!!!

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Why are most SEIU members ugly and sloppy?

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Who are the rebels? Who is supplying them? Did we just get played by the Iranian regime to do their bidding? I find it very strange that the likes of Senator Kerry support aggressive action against Libya......didn't he just come back from Syria? A lot of unanswered questions on this issue and I have my doubts about this whole quagmire.

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Will a FATWA be issued?

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Where is CAIR and the ACLU on this hate speech? Will Holder and Homeland Security flag Billie boy? What a double standard these political groups have when it comes to their own.

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You are one ignorant fool!!!!!!! Why don't you buy yourself a gun and point it at yourself then pull the trigger....The family was murdered with no mercy for the children you scumbag!!!!

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Ellison didn't finish the verse he quoted from the Koran and why is that? What was he hiding or doesn't he know the the Koran all that well? He knows it's meaning and he also knows according to the Koran it's alright to decieve the infidel. Ellison is a coward just like his man made religion that promotes death to all who have a self will.