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I just picked this up a few nights ago. It really is an awesome puzzler. The frogs are great, too. As a poison dart frog owner, I'll happily vouch for their authenticity :)

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Yay! My review was awesome ;)

Seriously, though: Buy the game. It's amazing.

Keep those outtakes coming. That was very funny.

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Very valid points.

It may be cheaper than the DS and PSP versions, but it's still steep for an iPhone game. No everyone owns all three and has a choice ;)

As for the scaled down graphics, you may be right. I can't find my glasses so everything's a bit fuzzy these days ;) haha!

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I prefer to play practice mode as it's less stressful. I'm at around 2-3 seconds per number on average :)

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Yay! I feel so loved :)
You forgot to mention, though: my GameBoy button tattoos that I have on my thumbs. If you ask nicely, I may just send you a picture of them.

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I love the idea of a high score contest. I just know I won't win. For some reason, I can't hit those 200 pointers on the side.

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I should really add to this, I got the best prize today: "Some other kid's tickets." It gave me an extra 100 tickets. I remember finding abandoned tickets back in the day :)

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More powerful or not, there's something else in effect here. There are more iPhones in people's pockets than PSPs. Just like consoles, the PS3 out powers everything else, but is no where close to the Wii which is pretty underpowered in compairison.

It's not about powerful systems, it's about fun games. Make a good game and people will play it. End of story. :)

(disclosure: I had surgery today and am high on pain killers. The post may not make sense to anyone but me)

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Quite unique.

I really love Atlus's RPGs. Drone Tactics is my favorite followed closely by Riviera. I'm more than willing to give this one a shot :)

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Patapon was one of the only games on the PSP I really fell in love with.